Vaccine maker CEOs already dumped over 60% of their stock. They know the vaccine will be a flop…or worse.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s an old saying that goes “follow the money”, and when it comes to the current covid-19 vaccines about to be deployed, that may very well be true.

As I’ve detailed in this article, the CEO of Pfizer dumped 62% of his personal stock in Pfizer on the day the vaccine results were announced. Even if you dismiss the fact that he set the date to sell back in August and shows he obviously knew the exact date the results would be announced, his actions speak to something even more telling.

Think about it for a moment. If you owned stock in a company that you believed was about to vaccinate the entire world, would you sell that stock or hold it. Generally, if you thought a company was about to sell billions of doses of a medicine you would hold that stock, not dump it.

ThinkĀ  of it this way, if you thought Apple was about to come out with a new phone that was so revolutionary that everyone in the world would want one, would you sell your Apple stock or hold it?

The answer is pretty obvious. So the fact that so many of these pharmaceutical insiders have dumped their stock tells you they believe the vaccine is either going to flop or be so riddled with side-effects that nobody will take it once they start hearing about it.

Some of the leaks have already started as to the dangers of the vaccine. After Pfizer rode a wave of fake good news so they could inflate their stock price, now they are slowly starting to release caveats as to who should avoid the vaccine. For starters, they are now advising that pregnant women or women who ever want to become pregnant not get the vaccine. Seems like they left that part out when declaring to the world the vaccine was “95%” effective.

But of course, once the vaccine starts to actually be deployed we will most likely hear about other side-effects. As these go viral on social media, interest in the vaccine will plummet as people compare the risks of the vaccine with the risks of covid-19 which has a 99.8% survival rate according to the CDC.

So as they say, always follow the money. In this case, the pharmaceutical CEOs have already made their money, which tells me they don’t plan on their vaccine being that much of a success in the coming months.

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