Pfizer and Moderna start playing politics with their taxpayer-funded vaccine. Using it as a bargaining chip to try to get payback on Trump for lowering prescription drug prices.

Tyler S. Farley

If you needed any more proof of just how evil pharmaceutical companies can be, look no further than the news today from Pfizer and Moderna.

Pfizer released a statement that the U.S. would not be able to obtain any more vaccine doses until the middle of the next year. Not only that, they were a no-show at a scheduled White House meeting to discuss the vaccine availability.

However, the information about the availability was leaked to the Biden campaign first and then reported by The Washington Post.

Later in the day, Moderna came out with a similar story, also as reported by the Washington Post.

The reasoning that both of these unscrupulous companies gave is that Trump and his administration “missed out” on a chance to buy more of the vaccine earlier in the year, so now Americans are out of luck and other countries get first crack at more doses. Or at least that’s the story the drug companies are peddling.

It should be obvious what’s going on. This whole episode was orchestrated to try to embarrass Trump and make it seem like his administration passed up a chance to buy up all the vaccines.

Considering American taxpayers funded the vaccine research through the Warp Speed program, America shouldn’t be forced to wait in line behind anybody should we choose to accept the vaccine.

But Pfizer and Moderna are both trying to get revenge on Trump for his executive orders on drug pricing. Something the pharmaceutical industry loathed since it was first announced.

The pharmaceutical industry now hates Trump because he has put consumers first ahead of pharmaceutical profits. So companies like Pfizer and Moderna have done everything they can to try to embarrass him and exact a type of petty revenge.

First it was delaying their vaccine trial results so that Trump couldn’t take credit for his Warp Speed program being a success before the election. If you remember, Pfizer released their vaccine trial results not more than 24 hours after the AP had declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election. A week later, Moderna did the same.

The truth is, both these companies were aware of the trial results back in August, but they chose to wait until 24 hours after they thought Joe Biden had locked up the election.

And now today they keep up their petty games by leaking information to the Biden team and being a no-show at a meeting with the President. Then conveniently leaking to The Washington Post that it’s all the fault of Trump’s administration for not buying up all the vaccine when they had the chance.

So all this news today about the vaccine going to foreign countries first is all just petty revenge by the pharmaceutical companies. They are mad that a president finally stood up to them and their outrageous pricing structure. So in retaliation, they are playing games with people’s hopes and fears regarding the vaccine.

But in the end that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. If there’s one thing the pharmaceutical giants are good at, it’s exploiting the hopes and fears of their customers for big profits.

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