If the SCOTUS refuses to hear these allegations of nationwide fraud, the wounds and division will never heal.

Tyler S. Farley

This week began the critical phase of Trump’s election fight. The news is coming in fast and on an almost hourly basis.

The latest big news revolves around the SCOTUS and whether or not they will take on a case brought by Texas and 3 other states, citing equal protection violations in regards to the 2020 election.

The SCOTUS did deny any injunctive relief today in a separate ruling regarding the Pennsylvania results, which simply means they won’t take any immediate action. The media reported this as if both cases had been “thrown out”, but in reality this decision wasn’t unexpected. Trump’s team along with the states taking legal action want this to be heard and judged by the law, they didn’t expect to get immediate injunctive relief.

So with the Texas lawsuit that currently leaves it in the hands of the SCOTUS as to whether or not they will take on the case. And although many Trump supporters are predicting the outcome should the SCOTUS take up the case, there is a very important decision to be made as to whether they take it up at all.

This case and these lawsuits go beyond simply a matter of the law and how it is interpreted. Instead, it represents over 75 million Americans who now believe the very foundation of our democracy has been corrupted. For these Americans, if the SCOTUS refuses to even hear about these allegations, it will cause a distrust and a division that may never heal for generations.

It goes without saying, Trump is a once in a generation president. Similar to JFK, he will be remembered by his supporters for generations after his presidency is over. People feel a connection with Trump, they believe he speaks directly for them. They feel as though when Trump is attacked by the FBI or the fake media, it is an attack on them. This is the deep connection people have to the Trump Presidency.

So if Trump is forced to accept the election results that we all know are fraudulent, it hits different than if these were normal candidates. Over 75 million Americans will feel as though they have been wronged by the most outrageous election theft in America’s history.

Such a feeling of betrayal and mistrust will not easily fade away. Instead it will fester and grow. You cannot steal directly in front of a man’s face and then deny it and not expect retribution. Americans will never forgive what happened this past November if Trump does not get his day in court and the facts are presented for the world to see.

So while most pundits agree that these states taking their case to the SCOTUS is indeed important, they are underestimating the deep and generations-long wound that would be created if the SCOTUS refuses.

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