Biden could have easily held a softball press conference early after taking office. The fact that he didn’t suggests he will step down before the year is out.

Tyler S. Farley

While this isn’t really a new take on things, it’s looking more and more likely that Joe Biden will not last until the end of the year.

Very early on people speculated that Biden was simply a placeholder for Kamala Harris. I was one of the earliest to suggest Harris was the establishment’s preferred candidate, and I did so before Biden even won the nomination in 2020 and Harris was polling at less than 2%.

However, there was always a sense that Biden may just coast through his first term and step aside in 2024, but that is looking less likely now.

The main evidence is the ongoing refusal of the administration to allow Biden himself to hold a live press conference and take questions. We all know Biden is declining rapidly and that’s the reason. However, this could have all been avoided early on if there was any plan to keep Biden around.

My thinking goes like this, the media is obviously in the tank for Joe Biden, that is clear to anyone. So a “press conference” wouldn’t really be that challenging for Biden. He would get some softball questions, ones he could pre-screen, then simply recite some canned answers and buzzwords. No reporter would dare follow up or try to pin down Biden.

Such a softball style press conference couldĀ  have been done very early after he took office. It would have gotten the press conference problem out of the way, then this whole brewing controversy would be gone.

But the fact that his administration didn’t even try to skirt this issue early on with a softball press conference makes me believe they had no intention of him lasting very long anyway.

Every move so far from his team seems to suggest they know he will be out very soon, so they see no reason to try to fake his image at all. They understand that hiding him will only last for so long, especially if some crucial event takes place nationally or internationally and requires him to take questions directly.

Combine this with the fact that they have openly cut off his video feed 3 separate times whenever he tried to answer questions and it is simply more proof that there is no intention to keep Biden in office for more than a few months.

My feeling is that by the spring, Biden will claim that the pandemic is under control, the stimulus checks have gone out, and the country is on the right path again. He will say it’s a perfect time for him to step down and deal with “personal health problems” and allow the new generation led by Kamala Harris to take the reigns.

The media will push this narrative as well, dismissing the fact that Biden opponents had predicted the move for over a year. They will call it a win-win for progressives and America alike. Biden defeated Trump, then they got a the first female black president as a bonus. Anyone who questions it will be labeled a misogynist racist for not applauding and celebrating the first female black president.