Nothing to see here, just another Reddit front page post demonizing any masculine trait.

Well, it appears as though the “democratic voting system” on Reddit is once again showing that somehow it has become self-aware and seems to be fighting the male patriarchy all on its own since we all know nothing on social media in manipulated by those who run the platform..(wink, wink).

In between the other obviously shilled posts on the Reddit front page was a post that demonized testosterone. Yes, that’s right. The male hormone is now responsible for narcissistic behavior, at least according to the sensationalist title.

“A new study found higher testosterone was linked to a sense of entitlement and a willingness to exploit others. The study of 206 men and women found that those with higher testosterone levels for their gender tended to become more narcissistic and corrupt when put in a position of power.”

It links to a study which attenuates that bold declaration by saying it’s not possible to determine if elevated testosterone levels were a cause or an effect, but either way it smacks of another attack on masculinity by saying most masculine traits are negative in some way.

It’s a confusing thing since very recently, an episode of Adam Ruins Everything was voted to the front page of Reddit with the title “Alpha males do not exist!“. Once again, another attack on masculine traits, but seemingly at odds when the group-think wants to also demonize so-called “alpha males”.