If Kamala Harris is the 2020 nominee, be ready for the DNC to run a racially charged, divisive campaign that will make Hillary’s 2016 campaign look tame by comparison.

Tyler S. Farley

I’ve written about this before and although we still have a while to go before the Democratic 2020 nominee is chosen, I strongly believe the nominee is going to be Kamala Harris.

But one thing that troubles me about that scenario is how the DNC will steer her campaign and the possibility that they will use their 2016 blueprint of racial division and identity politics, only this time much worse.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton and the DNC ran a massive, billion dollar campaign to paint Donald Trump and his followers as racists. We are seeing the ramifications of that scorched earth style of campaigning still today, with racial divisions inflamed worse than they have been in decades. This is no “conspiracy theory” either. In leaked emails, the DNC and Hillary corresponded that their goal was to paint Trump as a racist, and his followers as well.

Now, in 2020 we are going to have a black woman running as the potential Democratic nominee. The race of the nominee shouldn’t even matter, but Progressives are obsessed with race and injecting racial politics into almost every issue. The DNC must be salivating at the thought of being able to pit a black woman against a white man. For them, everything is about race, and this opportunity will be too tempting for them not to act on.

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In fact, we have already seen this starting to take place. In the first Democratic debate, Kamala Harris took a swipe at Joe Biden for his past actions in regards to civil rights. The leftist media loved it and instantly called it a victory for Harris. This is just a small taste of what can be expected if Harris runs against Trump.

You would think after their loss in 2016, the Democrats and the DNC would have learned that this sort of thing doesn’t play well enough on a national stage to win an election. But as we’ve already seen, the Democrats have not learned their lesson at all. They have doubled down on almost every aspect of 2016 that made them lose. From focusing more on helping illegal immigrants than legal U.S. citizens to being obsessed with race and gender, they have become even more extreme than they were in 2016.

Once again, this extremism was evident in the first Democratic debates last week. Democratic candidates proposed so many far-left ideas that even Washington Post reporter Rachael Bade was forced to Tweet she overheard members of the audience wondering if they were even Democrats anymore.

Given all that we’ve seen from the Democratic party and their continued march towards extremism, I can’t help but think they will be running a 2020 campaign more divisive and more racially charged than 2016.

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