Chuck Todd not even interested in hearing Dershowitz’s answer if it doesn’t fit his narrative.

If you needed more proof as to how biased the modern mainstream media can be, we have another perfect example here.

Chuck Todd from meet the press had Alan Dershowitz on to discuss Trump and of course the issue with Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.

But the real story here is how Chuck Todd, who is suppose to be doing an interview and listening to answers, becomes so impatient whenever Dershowitz says anything that doesn’t fit the narrative Todd is trying to create. Not only that, he become so impatient that he can’t even keep himself from uttering partial words as he wants the answer to end as soon as possible so he can get to something more fitting to his narrative.

In the clip below, Todd sounds like a child whose parent is logically explaining to them why they can’t have candy but the child doesn’t want to hear it. Listen for him trying to get Dershowitz to “hurry up” when he hears something he doesn’t like.