Oscar acceptance speeches – The ultimate in Progressive self-delusion.

Tyler S. Farley

I’ll be perfectly honest, I haven’t watched the Oscars in at least a decade or more, and based on the ratings I’m not alone.

Ratings for the Oscars have been falling for years and last year saw a precipitous decline of 18% over the year before. The simple fact is that people don’t care what pampered movie stars have to say as much as they use to.

And that brings me to my point. As many of you already know, the award shows for Hollywood have become less about the awards and more of a chance for elitist movie stars to lecture what they see as the unwashed masses on how to behave.

It really is one of the ultimate forms of self-delusion. People are given a totally subjective award for making a fictional movie and suddenly they think it’s their job to change the world in a 2 minute acceptance speech.

It’s like if a quarterback won a football game and then during the press conference started lecturing everyone on how to recycle their plastic forks. It would be ridiculous and not the right time or place for such a lecture.

But this is where Progressive Hollywood actors prove their complete lack of self-awareness. They win an award for dressing up and playing make-believe and then suddenly decide to lecture the world. It’s like being asked to give a speech at a wedding and then breaking into a rant about peace in the middle-east. Everyone at the wedding would wonder what the hell you are talking about. And based on the recent Oscar ratings, it seems American viewers are having the exact same reactions as those hypothetical wedding guests.

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Sadly, this Hollywood self-delusion isn’t just for award speeches anymore. Recently, part-time actress Ellen Page went on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and launched into a rant about hatred and LGBTQ rights as she choked back tears. I guess nobody told her that the The Late Show is suppose to be a late night comedy program. Not only that, the main impetus for her rant was the Jussie Smollett attack which turned out to be a total hoax anyway. But once again, this Hollywood actress lacked any self-awareness and felt as though just because she had been invited as a guest on a TV show that it gives her the right to lecture the world on whatever topic she has latched onto this week for the sake of virtue signalling.

No fun – Ellen Page ranting on The Late Show.

So this year’s Oscars will no doubt be more of the same of what we’ve seen before. Out of touch actors and filmmakers making unhinged political rants and calls for social justice initiatives that help nothing but the egos of those who call for them. The ratings will once again be the one of the lowest of all time, if not the lowest. And Progressives will once again prove how self-deluded they really are on the national stage.

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