Chinese app Tik Tok now pushing content convincing teens they have rare mental disorders.

Tyler S. Farley

Earlier this December, Tik Tok was found to be allowing school shootings to trend on their platform for weeks. Despite claiming they are always looking for ways to make their platform safer, they somehow missed the “shoot up your school” topic despite it being covered in the media.

It grew so large, many schools around America had to send out letters and emails to parents explaining the situation and that increased security was being implemented in some cases.

But the evidence just keeps coming that shows Tik Tok appears to be actively trying to create chaos, upheaval, and suffering among their American teen users.

A recent report in The Wall Street Journal shows another disturbing trend that was uncovered. In this case, teens are shown repetitive videos to try to convince them they have a rare mental disorder, such as borderline personality disorder or dissociative personality disorder.

These disorders are extremely rare, with rates at about 1% of the total population. However, some videos on the topic that trend on Tik Tok have up to 600 million views within weeks.

But these videos don’t just discuss the disorder. Instead, they encourage teens to self-diagnose through a series of tests that are in no way part of a real psychological evaluation. The ones giving out advice are teens and others in their early 20’s and they have no mental health training at all.

Newport’s Healthcare Teen Treatment center in Santa Monica, California sees teenagers who have been tricked by these videos to self-diagnose themselves with severe mental disorders.

Don Grant, the executive director of the teen treatment center said that the number of kids he’s seen self-diagnosing is “significant”.  He also said that even after telling these kids they don’t suffer from these mental illnesses, they go back to Tik Tok and are pulled back into the delusion that they are sick.

All of this is just more proof of how destructive Tik Tok is. But even worse, none of this appears to be an accident or the fault of an algorithm that mistakenly pushes damaging content.

The owners of Tik Tok, a firm known as ByteDance based in Beijing China, knows exactly what’s going on with their platform.

With story after story coming out like the one above, it’s clear the app is being used to create chaos and suffering among the American teens who use it. And in the case of the school shooting topic that trended for weeks, the app is openly pushing for mass murder.

With news just this week that Tik Tok was the most visited domain for the entire year, it’s time to take notice of the threat this Chinese-controlled app has become.


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