The phrase “trust the science” is one of the most unscientific things you can say. Science is based on skepticism and rigorous testing and retesting. Not “trust”.

Tyler S. Farley

There is a phrase I’m sure you have heard over and over again the past year. Whether it was regarding mask usage, the importance of lockdowns, or now with the vaccine, the phrase you can’t escape is “trust the science”.

This phrase is spewed constantly in the mainstream media, from so-called experts and all over social media. The purpose of course is to allay people’s fears that these new and unproven theories are in fact, proven. They do this by trying to claim that everything they want you to believe is already settled science, and now you must simply trust the science.

The problem here is that science and the scientific method is not based on trust at all. In fact, trust is the antithesis of the scientific method. The scientific method is based on skepticism, or the suspension of belief.

The scientific method is based on one throwing out all preconceived notions and simply going where the real data leads them.

But sadly, over the past year we have seen experts do the exact opposite. There were no studies to suggest lockdowns work, yet the experts had already made up their mind, so they told us to trust the science. If you disagreed, you were labeled a “science denier”. An insane irony considering the exact opposite has been true. Those pushing for unproven lockdowns were the true science deniers. They invented what they wanted to be true then manipulated the data to support their claims. It was the opposite of the scientific method.

We are seeing this exact same thing with the vaccine roll-out. As I’ve already written about here and what you probably already know is the technology behind these vaccines has never been used before. So the truth is, nobody really knows what to expect and what to watch out for.

But that hasn’t stopped the media and the “experts” to once again call on people to “trust the science”. There have been no long term studies at all on these new mRNA vaccines, so there is no science to even trust. All we have are theories without rigorous testing. But if you watch the mainstream media at all, you would believe that the success of the vaccines is somehow already settled science.

So as you can see, the phrase “trust the science” isn’t about science at all. It’s about selling an idea to people. It’s about appealing to an individual’s desire to be considered intelligent and informed. This is why the phrase is often paired with the insult of “science denier”. If you fail to trust the science, that means you are a science denier.

It’s clever piece of social manipulation no doubt. It appeals perfectly to the need to be seen as intelligent. Once it takes hold, anyone who questions the original idea must be able to withstand the insults of the mob who don’t want their perfect little fairy tale to be disturbed.

So where else have we heard the phrase trust the science? Well, we hear it often when talking about climate change and what must be done to fight it. And of course, there is a growing parallel being drawn in the media between covid, lockdowns, and climate change that I’ve written about here.