The media hates Joe Rogan because he’s become a platform now. Any guest on his show is immediately part of the national conversation. They always attack platforms they can’t control.

Tyler S. Farley

I’m sure you’ve been following the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan during the entire pandemic. Over time, it has grown and now it seems has reached a tipping point with even the Surgeon General publicly stating that his “misinformation” needs to be dealt with.

But the most interesting part of all this is that Joe Rogan himself isn’t really who the media have an issue with. Rogan never really says anything that outlandish and in fact, most of his opinions are basically middle of the road, and at times even lean towards the left.

But what the establishment hates about Joe Rogan is the fact that his brand has become a platform in and of itself. Similar to a Facebook or a Twitter, but he controls the entire thing. It’s also a platform that the establishment media does not control, and that’s what drives them crazy.

As I mentioned, Joe Rogan doesn’t really say anything that’s outside the norm. He simply has guests on that the media doesn’t approve of. And because Rogan is now a platform, whatever that guest says instantly becomes part of the national, and even sometimes global conversation around a specific topic.

The media and the establishment absolutely despise this. They see themselves as the gatekeepers of all conversation that takes place on the national level, and for one guy to be able to upend all of that is simply too much for them to bear.

It’s nothing new. I’m sure you’ve noticed that any time a rival platform starts up, it is immediately attacked by the mainstream media. Any Twitter rival is immediately labeled as a haven for “racists” or even “terrorists”. It’s happened to Gab, Parler, Gettr, and so many others.

Another perfect example is Substack, the newsletter platform. When big names like Glen Greenwald and Matt Taibbi left traditional media outlets to put out their own newsletter content on Substack, the media was quick to attack the platform. The reason was simple, Substack provided a conduit for writers to reach people that circumvents the gatekeepers at traditional media.

So that’s really the issue here. It’s not about Joe Rogan, it’s about the media’s obsession with crushing any platform that gives anyone a voice they don’t approve of.


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