Phase 2 of China’s global takeover has begun. Phase 1 was covid.

Tyler S. Farley

I’m not sure how anyone paying attention still can’t see that we’re in the midst of a Chinese takeover of America, and therefore the western world.

It began with the release of covid that by all accounts was created in a Chinese laboratory, then released.

Some try to soften the news of a lab release by claiming it was “accidental”. But what wasn’t accidental was how China intentionally covered up the release for months so the virus could spread worldwide.

Not only that, years earlier China made sure to gain almost total control The WHO, which came in very handy when they were trying to hide the outbreak so it could spread around the world.

When you put all the evidence together, it becomes quite clear that the release of covid was not only intentional, but had been planned for several years.

But that was only phase 1 of China’s plan. Clearly they spent years setting up the release of covid, so that is in no way the end of their overall attack.

Phase 2 has already begun, and most people are unaware that it’s underway.

In fact, it’s all happening in a very similar way to the origins of the pandemic. With the media and most experts claiming it was all just a natural outbreak of a totally natural virus.

What I’m talking about is the global supply shortages you are starting to see. This is the beginning of phase 2 of China’s attack on America and the western world. The goal is to further disrupt economies, cause hardship in America, and further deplete our resources and put us into further debt.

With a Democrat in office and controlling the house, any further economic downturns will be met with enormous spending bills. This isn’t speculation, we’ve already seen it take place as trillions have been printed to “assist” those get through the hardships created by the pandemic.

Of course, most of this money is stolen by the wealthy and only pennies trickle down to the average person. But nonetheless, this is the way the current administration has decided to deal with economic problems. By passing huge, inefficient, and wasteful spending bills.

So if you were looking to bankrupt America further, what would be a good option? Well, it should be obvious that if you can further depress the economy, America will just print more money that doesn’t actually reach the people who need it, all the while placing us further into impossible debt.

That’s what you are seeing right now and China is just getting started. Like I mentioned earlier, all the experts and the media are claiming these shortages are simply natural. They explain them with this reason or that. Saying that it’s due to shipping procedures or other logistical issues.

Does any of that sound familiar? Claiming that a worldwide event is just a “natural” occurrence?

That’s exactly how the experts and the media explained the pandemic when it first started. But now we know better.

But this time it’s financial experts telling us how these shortages are being caused by simple logistical issues. When in reality it has all been orchestrated and planned for years.

Right now, China is cutting power or rationing power to huge areas all over their country, up to 60% in fact. Causing factories to cut production or shut down all together for days. The so-called “experts” are telling us it’s simply because of a lack of coal and naturally high energy prices.

Yeah, just like covid came from bat soup. Remember that?

So while the idiots on T.V. still argue over masks and vaccines. China has already started their latest assault on the world. Unfortunately, just like covid, it will take most people nearly two years to figure out what’s really going on.