The EcoHealth story about using nano-particles to infect bats shows how these deranged scientists are obsessed with secretly injecting mass populations.

Tyler S. Farley

It was another story that ties Dr. Fauci to the origins of the pandemic, so of course it was mostly ignored in the mainstream media.

Dr. Fauci’s favorite company, Eco Health which he used to funnel money to Chinese researchers was recently reported to have submitted a proposal to DARPA. In that proposal, they wanted to use skin-penetrating nano-particles to infect bat populations in China in order to research how certain coronaviruses could be made to be more infectious to humans.

DARPA declined the proposal, but it shows how these so-called experts and scientists are often obsessed with secretly injecting or infecting mass populations. It’s almost a fetish with these deranged scientists.

Another example is Bill Gates. Despite having no medical training, he’s actually loved by virus researchers because he has the same deranged obsession as they do. Bill Gates and his many foundations are always looking to perform some sort of covert, mass infecting of populations. Whether it be through vaccinations, the food supply, or releasing genetically modified mosquitos by the billions. These people are obsessed with mass infection and injections of their creations into the population.

So of course, since Dr. Fauci was good friends with everyone at Eco Health, it starts to make sense why he’s obsessed with mass vaccinations that never stop. It helps scratch the itch that all these experts seem to have in common where they dream of infecting or somehow covertly introducing their concoctions to the masses.

The vaccination-obsessed Bill Gates of course fits right in with these weirdos and their fetish of mass injections.

A Bill Gates funded biotech company recently released billions of their genetically modified mosquitos around Florida. Their goal, similar to the Eco Health proposal, was for these modified mosquitos to spread their DNA and over time cause all mosquitoes to become genetically similar to the ones Bill Gates and his goons created.

It’s a terrifying story and one where nobody really knows what the outcome will be when you start talking about billions of genetically modified organisms being released in to the wild.

But that’s exactly the point. These people are obsessed with such nightmare scenarios. Either through hubris or sinister intentions, they feel they can manipulate mother nature, but only if they can secretly administer their concoctions on an unsuspecting population.

All of this is nothing new either, it’s just that now these deranged lunatics have access to tools more deadly and destructive than ever.

The past is filled with stories of these scientists and their secret infections and injections. From the Tuskegee syphilis experiments to military doctors who secretly injected pregnant women with radioactive chemicals then covertly studied them for years after. And those are just the ones we learn about over time. How many others have been done or are currently being done on unsuspecting populations only to be revealed decades later?

So as we all watch the vaccine mandates gather steam around the country and around the world, remember that we are no different than those unsuspecting bats that were about to be secretly infected with Eco Health’s skin-penetrating nano-particles. They just need to be slightly more clever when doing it to humans.