Kanye’s support for Trump isn’t important because he’s black. It’s important because Kanye has built a hugely successful career by being ahead of the trends. And he knows the #walkaway movement is the next big cultural trend.

Tyler S. Farley

Trump fan and Grammy-Award winning rapper Kanye West recently did a long interview with the WGCI 107.5 radio show in Chicago. Of course, the mainstream media tried to frame the interview as his apology for supporting Trump, when in reality he just apologized in case his slavery comments were not properly understood.

But bigger than that, the media has ignored the second half of his interview where he doubled down on his support for Trump. Not only that, Kanye said he believes Trump wants to be remembered for being the best President for the black community. It’s something that Trump has said many times, that he wants to be best President for all Americans, but the mainstream media often ignores it

What makes Kanye’s support for Trump so important has nothing to do with him being black. It has to do with the fact that Kanye has a made a fortune and a hugely successful career by being ahead of the trends. To be as successful as Kanye West has been, you have to be able to spot the trends before they happen and get out in front of them. You can’t follow the pack or the herd and expect to have a career as long as West has had.

Not only that, West has been hugely successful in fashion, and while the fashion industry can be a bit silly, it is most definitely one where trends probably matter more than any other field. To be successful in fashion you must be ahead of the trends, and that’s exactly what Kanye has done.

So Kayne doubling down on his support for Trump needs to be seen outside of the silly racial framing the mainstream media is trying to do. Instead it should be seen as someone who has built his empire understanding major trends before anyone else believes them to be the next big thing. And Kanye seems to believe that the #walkaway movement is a real trend among Democrats that is only going to grow larger by the day.

So while Kanye may be a little eccentric at times as most artists are, and he may say a few negative things about Trump in the future, his endorsement speaks volumes when it comes to voting trends and demographics. He believes in the trend that many traditional Democratic voters will soon start to break free from the Democratic party, and when it comes to trends, Kanye has built a media and fashion empire by being ahead of them.

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