China is waging an unrestricted hybrid war against Americans, but most people don’t even realize it yet despite there being over 1 million casualties already.

Tyler S. Farley

Americans need to wake up to what’s really going on around them. They are already becoming the early casualties of an all-out unrestricted hybrid war being waged by the CCP against America, and the world.

An unrestricted hybrid war is a type of warfare that uses all available tactics to wage war in an unconventional way, just not through traditional military mechanisms such as bombs, troops, aircraft, and so on.

The goal here is to slowly weaken your enemy over time while avoiding direct retribution or retaliation because all of your attacks can be explained away as normal circumstances.

Over time, the nation being attacked grows weaker, more unstable, and their economy decimated. This makes them ripe for control or even a take-over as the remaining citizens are too tired from years or even decades of chaos brought on by the hybrid war.

The “unrestricted” part of hybrid warfare refers to the fact that nothing is off the table outside of traditional bombing or military attacks. This includes chemical warfare, biological warfare (viruses), cyberattacks, lawfare (fake activist groups), propaganda, and so on.

All of these things are then used to weaken the structure and economy of the target until they are unable to mount a defense.

Many of these techniques were described in a book titled Unrestricted Warfare, written by 2 high ranking military colonels in the Chinese military. In their 1999 book, they outlined their strategy to defeat America through the use of these hybrid attacks.

Below is a brief synopsis of the book.

“The book argues that the primary weakness of the United States in military matters is that the US views revolution in military thought solely in terms of technology. The book further argues that to the US, military doctrine evolves because new technology allows new capabilities. As such, the book argues that the United States does not consider the wider picture of military strategy, which includes legal and economic factors. The book proceeds to argue that the United States is vulnerable to attacks along these lines.

Reducing one’s opponent, the book notes, can be accomplished in a number of ways other than direct military confrontation. The book notes that these alternative methods “have the same and even greater destructive force than military warfare, and they have already produced serious threats different from the past and in many directions for…national security.”

By now, after reading the above paragraphs, certain recent events should start popping up in your mind.

The main event of course being the pandemic. An event that started out with propaganda coming out of China showing people collapsing in the street. Something we now know doesn’t happen with covid, so those videos were CCP generated propaganda to spread fear along with the virus they just created.

But so much else is happening that you quickly start to realize why this is indeed an “all out” war, and Americans need to figure that out quickly.

For example, the app Tik Tok, which is controlled by Chinese intelligence via the company Bytedance, was caught openly promoting school shootings to kids. Something we wrote about here and was also covered in many mainstream outlets.

Just days later, Tik Tok was exposed by the Wall Street Journal for tricking kids into believing they had rare mental disorders. Flooding them with videos on how to “self diagnose”.

The list goes on, from fentanyl, the global production of which is centered in none other than Wuhan, China. Selling even a tiny amount of an illegal drug in China will get you the death penalty there. But the government subsidized fentanyl production so it could be shipped to America and Europe. Something that has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths already.

If you want to see what is in store for America if the people choose to ignore this ongoing war, just look to Taiwan or Hong Kong.

A year ago the Washington Post talked about Taiwan’s issues in dealing with this new hybrid style of warfare.

“But traditional military combat may be the least of Taiwan’s worries. More immediate, and potentially threatening, is the daily campaign to undermine Taiwan’s democracy and promote fealty to Beijing. This hybrid warfare is cheaper and harder for an open, democratic society such as Taiwan to resist than a conventional military assault. And it’s a challenge that Taiwanese experts are struggling to understand and address.”

This is no hyperbole or exaggeration. Americans are currently in the middle of war, they have suffered over a million casualties and don’t even realize it yet.

Americans need to unify over this grave threat to their democracy, and even their lives. If they don’t, the force of these hybrid attacks will only increase until it’s too late to fight back at all.


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