The U.K. abandons all covid restrictions, if other countries suddenly follow suit, it may mean something even worse is coming.

Tyler S. Farley

It may sound strange, but a lot of things we talk about here I actually hope turn out to be wrong. Some of the topics can get a little gloomy and paint a somewhat bleak outlook, but sadly we have to keep vigilant these days to try to avoid those things coming true.

For example, just look at the pandemic and how quickly things were taken from all of us. Did you ever imagine just a few years ago that we would be discussing how major American cities now consider simply walking into a gym or a restaurant a “privilege” that in order to enjoy required you to show your papers?

Even so called conspiracy-minded people never imagined that happening so quickly, but then the pandemic came and we got a taste of just how tyrannical our governments can become in a very short period of time.

Which leads us to the current big news of the week, the fact that the U.K. has suddenly dropped virtually all covid restrictions, effective immediately.

It’s a sudden reversal considering just weeks ago the hype around Omicron and the latest surge was at a maximum.

So why the sudden about-face?

Hopefully, this is just a case of Boris Johnson responding to political heat for a scandal where he was photographed at a fancy party and nobody was following any of the restrictions or rules that Boris Johnson himself had told people to follow.

The fallout was pretty swift, with the incident threatening to force Johnson to possibly resign.

However, there is something else to consider, and that’s if other countries start to fall in line.

If other European countries and even America suddenly reverse course here, it most likely suggests something worse is coming down the line.

The reason being, governments know that whatever they have to deal with next, if people are still restricted and locked down, things will overflow and they’ll have chaos in the street.

So what could be coming down the road that these leaders are preparing us for by loosening the leash slightly? Other than the vaccine rug-pull that we’ve outlined before, here are the three likely candidates.

War in the Ukraine – Sadly, war in the Ukraine seems inevitable at this point. From a strategic point of view, Russia cannot allow Ukraine to fall into the hands of NATO control. It’s simply too strategically important.

NATO is forcing Russia’s hand here, and as we all know, the U.S. establishment has been pining for war with Russia for the last 6 years as the media blames everything on Russia, Russia, Russia.

Even Joe Biden who is lost most of the time, commented today that war is likely. Probably due to his generals telling him that.

Hyperinflation – We are already seeing record inflation, so hyperinflation or close to it isn’t off the table at all.  World leaders and central banks probably know they have to print more money soon, to the tune of trillions, which will send inflation rates even higher than the historic records we are already seeing.

When this happens, I doubt people will be too concerned with lockdown rules. So leaders are getting rid of those to try to relieve some pressure before the bad economic news hits.

Supply Shocks – Empty shelves are now a reality in first world countries and are appearing at grocery stores around the country here in America. It’s very possible these supply disruptions could get worse, and when they do, people will not be all that understanding.

Most people live day-to-day when it comes to the things they need, so supply disruptions in food, water, and other essentials could quickly lead to riots.

Once again, the pressure of covid restrictions along with no food would truly be too much, so leaders feel it’s best to jettison the covid rules before people start having to line up for food.

Of course, these are just possibilities. As outlined above, what happened in the U.K. could all be the result of political pressures, and if so, that would be great.

However, if other countries start following suit, suddenly reversing guidelines after years of hyping them up as such a brilliant strategy, be careful of what may be coming, because it’s most likely going to be worse than the restrictions themselves.


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