How examining two simple arguments can show why Trump is indeed fighting against corruption and the deep state.

Supporting Trump because you see him as a true outsider or not supporting Trump because you believe in the Russia collusion narrative really comes down to choosing between two simple yet opposing arguments;

Argument 1: You believe that the high levels of government are filled with mostly good, honest people and somehow a bad and dishonest man (Trump) tricked his way in and the government is furiously trying to purge him.


Argument 2: The high levels of government are mostly corrupt, and somehow a good guy snuck his way in, and now the mostly corrupt government is furiously trying to purge him out before he exposes them.


So let’s look at Argument 1 and why this is most likely not the case based on evidence.

First off, among all Americans, Congress has an approval rating of only 16%. That means an overwhelming majority of Americans, 84%, believe that Congress is doing a bad job, is corrupt, or is not working towards the interests of the people. In these terribly divisive times, for any issue to have 84% consensus means it must be a very strongly held belief among all Americans. Bottom line is that Americans think their own government is bad.

The reason this 84% number is important is because Argument 1 and this statistic can not coexist at the same time. If you believe the government is mostly bad, as the low approval rating for Congress clearly shows, that means you don’t believe that government is mostly filled with good, honest people. So this blows a hole in Argument 1 as the premise is based on the fact that government is mostly filled with good actors. But as we see, most Americans don’t believe that to be true.

Next we look at how the intelligence communities are going after Trump in an attempt to smear him. Most notably the much parroted claim that 17 intelligence agencies believe Russia meddled in the election to the benefit of Trump. But our largest intelligence agency the CIA has a terrible history of doing things that are harmful to the American people. Most notably, the way they introduced crack cocaine into poor neighborhoods around America to fund their ill advised and misguided covert wars in South and Central America.

Or the way the CIA funneled over $40 million to the Mujahideen in the 1970s through the late 80’s and which later became Al Qaeda, who by the way committed the largest terrorist attack against America that the CIA was unable to detect and stop.

The CIA has never been thought of as a good and honest government agency, but suddenly today, we are to believe they are to be trusted when their entire history is filled with examples of them working against the interests of America. So once again, this goes against the premise in Argument 1 that high levels of government are filled with honest people who have the welfare of America first and foremost on their mind, because the CIA clearly doesn’t.

After that we have the NSA, another one of the American intelligence agencies joining the anti-Trump Russian meddling bandwagon . But not long ago, the NSA was a hated government agency when it was exposed that they were spying on virtually all Americans, without a warrant, 24 hours a day. Billions of phone calls per day were being recorded and stored by the NSA. The NSA was never a beloved institution and they outright violate every American’s rights on a daily basis. So the NSA is clearly not a good actor and once again makes it harder to support the premise in Argument 1.

Next we have the FBI which has aggressively gone after Trump. But the FBI is having its own issues with integrity and objectivity. Several key players in the FBI investigation into Trump have been fired or resigned, such as agent Peter Strzork. He wasn’t fired by Trump, he was fired by his own agency for misconduct. So even his own agency which he was shilling for couldn’t protect him once his bias and improprieties were exposed.

So as we can see, high levels of government are indeed filled with dishonest, corrupted individuals and agencies, and have been for decades. Not only that, polling shows that 84% of Americans don’t trust their own government to do a good job. So this leaves only Argument 2 as the most likely argument to be valid, and that is the premise that the government is mostly filled with corrupt and dishonest people and somehow a good guy snuck his way in and that government is now freaking out and furiously trying to purge him.

And there is evidence that this is the case. Trump did indeed sneek in past the “gatekeepers”. Leaked DNC emails show that the Democrats tried to build up Trump as their Republican candidate of choice because they thought they could beat him more easily in November 2016. But their plan backfired and Trump’s message ended up resonating with voters in several battleground states, and despite every expert saying he would lose the election, he won. So indeed, he did sneak in under the radar, just as is required for Argument 2 to be correct.

So in the end, logic and an overwhelming amount of the evidence suggests that Trump is indeed an outsider, an outsider that the current deep state simply cannot and will not tolerate, and they are actively trying to remove him from office to protect their own corrupt system.

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