Cohen plead guilty to a noncrime and he knew it. John Edwards was indicted for a similar charge and the Justice Department dropped the case.

Tyler S. Farley

Today, former lawyer for Donald J. Trump plead guilty to 8 Federal charges involving payments to women who then signed non-disclosure agreements to not discuss their romantic involvement with Donald Trump.

Cohen read his guilty plea in what sounded more like a hostage reading a prepared ransom demand by his captors. However, it appears very likely that Cohen plead guilty to a noncrime and he knows it. The reason he plead guilty to a crime that was never committed was to avoid other charges from his other business dealings completely unrelated to Trump or his campaign.

The reason it appears Cohen plead guilty to a noncrime is because John Edwards was charged with very similar crimes after his failed 2008 Presidential campaign. The case was eventually dropped when a jury acquitted Edwards on one charge and could not come to an agreement on other charges.

The cases are very similar in the way the prosecutors tried to frame the violation, although in Edward’s case, much more money was involved than in Trump’s. In the Edwards case, it was alleged he received campaign donations from his 2008 finance chairman Fred Baron and wealthy heiress Rachel “Bunny” Mellon. The money was then spent on supporting his mistress, most likely in order to keep her quiet about the affair the two were involved in. The money never passed through campaign accounts, but prosecutors insisted the money was meant to influence an election, and therefore a violation of campaign finance law.

Sound familiar?

This is exactly what Meuller and his team are trying to pin on Cohen and Trump when they know very well it’s a nearly impossible case to make because such actions don’t amount to being criminal in any way.

The whole point which is obvious to almost any objective observer and legal expert is that by getting Cohen to plead guilty to a noncrime, they can use that to smear Trump by association even though no actual crime took place, and as a reward Cohen gets leniency on his other crimes which are totally unrelated to Trump or the campaign.

You can already see that happening as Cohen’s lawyer, long time Clinton family friend Lanny Davis posted a Tweet declaring that Trump must be guilty since Cohen has plead guilty.

The above Tweet is basically proof that this was their plan along. Use Cohen to smear Trump.

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