Did Fauci get played by the CCP? Looks like he’s being served up to take the fall.

Tyler S. Farley

Much of this is speculation at this point as the story of Fauci’s e-mails is still being sorted out. But it’s starting to look like he’s being set to take the fall after being told he would be protected.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the Fauci emails that were released after a FOIA request last year. But what’s interesting is that it was Buzzfeed News and The Washington Post that made the request.

Buzzfeed and The Washington Post aren’t exactly far-right, anti-Fauci news organizations. They’ve pushed the establishment covid talking points since the start, not to mention have carried water for the CCP before.

So the fact that Buzzfeed news was the one that requested this information seems interesting to say the least.

It’s starting to look like Dr. Fauci at one point was pretty sure he would be protected, but now is being thrown under the bus as the fall guy.

In the e-mails, we see Fauci making no real effort to hide his communications or the fact that he was straight up lying to the American people on a daily basis. Clearly he knew his government related emails could be found one day. So why was he so comfortable indicting himself?

The logical explanation is he felt he was being protected pretty high up. Whether it be in the U.S. Government, by tech companies, or by the CCP, he seemed to think he was untouchable.

But now we see he is being served up slowly as the sacrificial lamb. The guy to take the fall and be labeled as the bad guy while the CCP once again skirts responsibility.

The evidence is all there, so all that needs to happen is for an investigation to be started and made public. It likely won’t be a criminal investigation, but the announcement of an investigation will be the notification that Fauci is the fall guy and the pieces are all now in place.

One piece of evidence that could point to an investigation is the fact that many of the redactions in the Fauci emails were redacted under the guidelines that allows the government to protect certain ongoing investigations. So not all redactions were to protect identities or “national security” as is usually the case. Several redactions were made to protect an ongoing or possible investigation.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an investigation sometime soon. Fauci is looking like the fall guy the CCP has set up to take the heat and be the bad guy to take the pressure and spotlight off of them.

If you’re curious as to how this playbook works, just look back at how Governor Cuomo of New York went from media darling to villain-fall guy. I expect the same to happen to Fauci.

As I recently wrote in this article here, the entire release of Fauci’s emails seems to be a textbook limited hangout, meant for the investigation into the origins of covid to stop with him as the “big fish” to catch and expose. As more evidence comes out, that seems to be more and more the case.