Tech giants are looking to create a “Global ID” system that will replace government issued identification. Modern life will become impossible unless you opt-in.

Tyler S. Farley

Sadly, too many people still believe that all the privacy violations and data collection by social media and tech companies are being done solely for the purpose of targeted advertising.

Many of us have had the experience of speaking about a product or service, only to have our phones or other devices serve up ads for those same items.

So while that may be creepy, that isn’t the end goal of these companies and their endless data collection and tracking. Instead, they want to build and manage a unique profile for every individual, and then tie that to a global ID system that they control. One that monitors every person, in real time, and is almost impossible to opt-out of.

It will work like this. Every person will need to connect themselves to their phone or other device. This is very similar to how Two Factor Authentication (2FA) already works, which is a precursor to the coming global ID system.

Once you are tied to your device. That device will track your movements and behavior the same way it already does today. This device will now work as your ID. This ID system will be sold to governments and private companies as more secure than government issued IDs because it tracks the user in real time and can instantly detected a fraudulent attempt to use a false identity.

Because of the tracking, if a user has been in one location for the last several hours, it can detect if someone tries to use that same ID in a different state as there is no way the person could have traveled that far. This will make the new global ID system very attractive to governments and private companies. The selling point is that it will do away with any possibility of fake IDs.

As I stated earlier, this is already how 2FA works, as users must tie themselves to a device in order to authenticate who they are when signing into various websites and financial services.

While 2FA was the start, the next step towards the global ID will be when the upcoming vaccine passports start to get implemented.

The coming vaccine passports will also require the user to lock themselves to a single device or phone. That device will then become their ID, one that is tracked in real time, the same way your phone is tracked now.

These vaccine passports will be the final precursor before a global ID is implemented. When that happens, these tech companies will then have even more control than they do now. Not only will they be tracking individuals and their movements in real-time, they will have the blessing of governments around the world who adopt the technology.

They will use this technology to continue their efforts to become even more powerful than many nation states. This is something that in many cases, has already happened.