Governor Cuomo is being systematically taken down to protect the pandemic scam that could be exposed if he’s left in place.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s funny how fast fortunes can change in just the matter of a few months.

Governor Cuomo was riding high in the public spotlight for the second half of last year. Daily press conferences where he lectured New Yorkers as well as a national audience on how well he was handling everything.

Beyond that, he and his brother Chris who happens to be an anchor on CNN, would yuck it up on his show as they bantered back and forth.

It all culminated in a book released by Cuomo, one that was widely panned but painted Cuomo as the savior of New York, and one of the finest leaders of our generation.

However, over the last few weeks that has all come crashing down, and it’s not Republicans who are doing the damage. It’s establishment Democrats and those in the media who are taking down Cuomo with a series of well-timed sexual assault allegations.

We’ve all seen this playbook before when sexual assault allegations are used by the establishment media to take someone down. They start with one accusation by one woman, but this is just the “slow drip” of a smear campaign that has been carefully planned. After a week, the media releases a second accuser, and so on.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Cuomo never committed any of these acts that he’s being accused of.  It’s just that now, when he needs to be taken down to prevent the pandemic scam from being revealed, the accusations are packaged up and sold to the public.

The truth is, Cuomo played a central role in playing up the pandemic in the early days. He would go on television and beg for hospital beds, Navy ships, and ventilators that he never needed. He ramped up the fear by passionately arguing that mothers and grandmothers would die because he couldn’t get the supplies he needed.

But now we know those were all lies. He never needed even a fraction of the ventilators he begged for and he needed none of the extra beds that were built in unused field hospitals around the city.

Instead, all the deaths were of his own doing. He forced the elderly back into nursing homes, a confined space where the virus could flourish in the one place where the victims were the most vulnerable.

Many of the early deaths were the fault of Cuomo himself and almost all could have been prevented. And that’s the key reason Cuomo must be taken down.

If a full investigation is allowed into Cuomo’s handling of the early pandemic, it will open a Pandora’s box. The pandemic scam will start to unravel.

People will see how progressive run states and their governors intentionally made the pandemic worse for political and ideological reasons.

Not only did they overplay the severity, they even caused many of the deaths, either by design or by incompetence, via their handling of the nursing home situations.

This wasn’t just Cuomo and New York. Many governors from Michigan to California now face this same scrutiny, and that’s another reason Cuomo has to be removed.

If Cuomo takes the rap for the nursing home deaths in his state, the investigation will move on to others. And the pandemic dominoes will start to fall, ultimately unraveling and revealing the scam.

That’s why Cuomo must be taken down, and he’s being taken down from within to protect what will ultimately be looked back on as one of the biggest scams of all time.