The stock market hits record highs as food bank lines stretch for miles. The Great Reset is already happening.

Tyler S. Farley

Today was another record day.

No, it wasn’t for the inflated covid numbers, it was a record day for the Dow Jones as the market index surpassed 30K for the first time ever.

Even if you don’t know much about the stock market it probably seems a little strange that in the middle of a pandemic and a contested election fight that will soon be in the Supreme Court, that the stock market is at record highs.

Usually markets don’t like uncertainty, or at least that’s the conventional wisdom. And we couldn’t really be in more uncertain times than right now. So why is the market rising so high along with other markets like real estate?

The answer is simple. The Great Reset we’ve been hearing about isn’t something that’s coming in the near future. It’s already here. The only thing left to do is sell you and your neighbors on how it will ultimately be a good thing so you don’t decide to start an all-out class war when you realize the elites just stole your future.

The reason the stock market is rising isn’t because investors are bullish on the future. It’s because so much money is being printed and funneled to the top that the wealthy have no place to put it other than in various asset classes, such as stocks.

All the money printed via stimulus or produced through quantitative easing is simply being swept into an upwards funnel towards the top. None of it is “trickling down” because there is no reason for any wealthy person to invest that money in traditional business ventures such as factories or brick and mortar businesses.

With the stock market making record gains on a monthly basis, why would a wealthy person even bother to start a new business? New business ventures are filled with risk, and the profit margins after expenses are often less than 10%. You can do much better dumping those millions into the stock market or other asset classes and get a better return in 30 days. And all it takes is a click of a mouse.

So which would you choose? Would you start a risky new business venture with all your newfound millions or would you simply dump it in the market and earn more returns without having to do any actual work?

The answer is simple, and that’s what’s going on. All this newly printed money that is circulating is simply being dumped into asset classes and the money left at the bottom is drying up.

The proof is in the headlines themselves. Dow Jones hits record highs as food lines stretch for miles and miles in cities across America.

So if you’re worried about The Great Reset, it’s probably too late to warn people. Its already arrived. The only thing left to do is for the elites to convince the average Joe that everything is going to work out better for them if they just sit back, do nothing, and give it a chance.

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