Through a pointless mask debate, the media has adeptly caused Americans to blame other Americans for the coronavirus and shielded the real culprit which is the Chinese government.

Tyler S. Farley

If you’ve been anywhere on social media or simply watched cable news over the past few weeks, you’d be convinced that fighting the coronavirus has boiled down to one argument: Either wear a mask and save the planet or don’t wear a mask and be compared to a serial killer.

Yes, despite being told by every expert that the only way to eradicate the virus was to impose the shutdown of every business in America for months on end, we are now being told that simply wearing a mask will do the trick instead.

Of course, this begs the question. If wearing a homemade mask will help end the pandemic, why did all the experts force us to shut down the economy? Seems like if masks were such an easy fix, we should have tried that first.

But of course, logic has no place in the public discourse these days. Instead, we are driven by false narratives meant to divide and keep us fighting each other instead of blaming the parties truly responsible for the virus.

You see, the media has adeptly convinced their brainless followers to blame their neighbors for the coronavirus instead of the true cause, which is the Chinese government, or CCP.

The CCP intentionally withheld information regarding the coronavirus outbreak from the rest of the world until it was too late to contain the virus. By keeping it a secret and not notifying world health officials, they created a pandemic that otherwise could have been contained. The Chinese government unleashed a pandemic and the resulting loss of life, and loss of trillions of dollars of economic activity that may take decades to recover.

But sadly, those who follow cable news have a different opinion. Instead, they see the real villain as their neighbor who had a BBQ with a few guests. How dare he get together with his family, he’s spreading the virus!

Or the woman 300 feet away at the Wal Mart who is not wearing mask, she’s worse than Hitler!

The media has turned Americans against each other using the mask debate as the wedge. Americans across social media are now engaged in a pitched battle, blaming the small percentage of Americans who either don’t want to wear or mask or can’t for medical reasons for the current state of the shutdowns and pandemic.

You will never hear China even mentioned on the cable news shows anymore. If anything, the mainstream media portrays China as having beat the virus, and now America and its non-mask wearing public is the one infecting the world.

As you can see there is an obvious narrative coming from the mainstream media. A narrative that America is now at fault for the virus spreading, while China is never even be mentioned anymore. Not only that, Americans now must fight with each over who to blame, instead of pointing the finger and the real cause of this whole thing, the Chinese Government.

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