Is Chris Cuomo faking his coronavirus diagnosis? It sure seems like it.

Tyler S. Farley

They say in difficult times the true heroes often reveal themselves. And for America, one of those heroes is CNN’s Chris Cuomo. He’s bravely battling the coronavirus and refusing to let it interfere with his constant attention whoring.

For those who aren’t familiar with Chris Cuomo due to his show averaging only 8 viewers per night, he’s basically the white version of Don Lemon. A totally self-righteous fool who embarrasses himself on an almost nightly basis on national TV.

A perfect example of Cuomo’s embarrassing public behavior was last year when President Trump jokingly referred to Chris Cuomo as “Fredo”, a character from The Godfather movie. Cuomo responded by claiming that being called Fredo was the same as being called the n-word. But as any sane person knows, it’s not the same at all or even remotely close.

Oddly, a few months before that Cuomo claimed that using the term “fake news” when talking about a journalist such as himself was the same as calling someone the n-word. It was a shocking statement because I don’t think anyone has ever referred to Chris Cuomo as a journalist.

So to sum it all up, Cuomo simply doesn’t take criticism all that well. He also may or may not believe that he’s black, I’m not sure.

Anyway, Chris Cuomo is back to his old ways, by which I mean embarrassing himself on TV for attention. This time he’s claiming to have the coronavirus. But he doesn’t just have the coronavirus, he’s on the verge of death. He claims to have lost 15 pounds in just days. Not only that, he’s suffering from hallucinations and a fever so severe that he chipped a tooth while violently shivering.

You would think someone who is in that bad of shape would be bedridden and under medical supervision in a hospital. But not Cuomo, not only is he not in bed, he’s doing his nightly show on CNN without missing a single episode. But if that’s not enough, he’s doing Skype call-in interviews all day long to other CNN shows so he can talk about how sick he is.

Yes, Cuomo knows America needs him now more than ever, and he won’t let hallucinations or tooth-shattering shivers stop him. He truly is the hero we need right now.

Here he is describing how he’s fighting “the beast” and that his temperature has gone up a few degrees in just the last hour.

But of course, this is all most likely fake. Nobody knows whether or not Cuomo actually has the coronavirus. Cuomo has a long history of making every news story about himself. Anytime he’s mentioned in the news he cries the n-word in a bizarre ploy for attention and sympathy. So it’s totally within in his character to lie about having the coronavirus so he can become the “face” of the illness.

If you go to CNN’s YouTube channel, 5 of the first ten videos are about Cuomo having the coronavirus. So half of their content on Thursday night was devoted to him describing his symptoms to anyone who will listen. CNN has become the Cuomo News Network.

Then of course we have his brother, the rising national star and governor of New York that is parlaying the suffering of his poorly managed state into a possible presidential run. How perfect is it that newly anointed media darling Andrew Cuomo has a brother who just happens to be infected with the coronavirus, and also just happens to be on prime-time cable news?

You can’t write this stuff folks. Or maybe you can?

But let’s all pray Cuomo makes a speedy recovery. I would hate for him to have to cut back his appearances. As you can watch below, his best friend Don Lemon was in tears after hearing Cuomo was sick with the flu, so imagine how distraught he would be if Cuomo missed a show.

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