As social media companies try to blame everyone else for spreading “hate” they should look in the mirror instead. Their manipulation has caused dangerous echo chambers and alienation.

Tyler S. Farley

Virtually every social media company and their respective CEO has publicly said they are working hard to eliminate so-called “hate speech” from their platform. In fact, many CEO’s like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey even say it’s one of their top priorities.

But maybe these CEO’s need to look in the mirror and realize that it’s their own actions that are causing some of these widespread cultural and societal problems. Their manipulation of thought, speech, and ideas have created dangerous echo chambers where people can get lost in an ideology that is completely removed from reality. Not only that, their constant banning and censorship can breed a feeling of alienation. Those who are banned from these sites or see their posts removed or shadow-banned feel helpless, as if their voice has been taken away from them. All of this leads to people feeling alienated and so they end up lashing out in other ways.

Of course, these CEO’s will never look at the problem this way. They can’t even entertain the idea that their darling technological creations are to blame. In their eyes their creations are perfect. And why shouldn’t they think that? Billions of people use their sites every day and the CEO’s have all become wealthy beyond imagination through these creations. So from their point of view clearly there is nothing wrong with themselves or what they created. The problem must be this so-called “hate speech”.

To even listen to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey it becomes obvious that he’s lost touch with reality. He talks as someone who feels they have ascended beyond the reach of normal man, and now spends his time contemplating issues far greater than what you or I ever could. This is why he feels justified in censoring everybody, he feels he’s in the position to protect humanity from itself. Or in other words, he’s gone completely crazy.

Dorsey’s bizarre habits and beliefs are no secret either, he often talks about them on various podcasts and of course via his own Twitter account.

Dorsey states he only eats once a day, and only for a two hour window. He says this clears his mind and makes him more creative. I suppose he needs all that creativity to think up new ways to censor views he doesn’t like without it looking too obvious.

Besides only eating once a day, he fasts from Friday through Sunday. Once again claiming it clears his mind and unlocks creativity. So he eats once a day and only 4 days a week. I suppose that’s why he has the physique of a malnourished 12 year old boy.

Dorsey also claims to take an ice bath every morning. Once again, he says it unlocks the true potential of his mind.

Jack Dorsey on a meditative retreat in Myanmar. Photo via his Twitter account.

Overall, Dorsey sounds and acts insane and if he wasn’t rich he would just be that weird guy who lives in the house your parents told you to stay away from as a kid. But instead, this is the guy who is deciding what can and can’t be said on one of the largest communication platforms in the world. It’s a scary thought.

You see, guys like Dorsey and Zuckerberg got rich before they actually made any money. What I mean is their creations never made any profit before they themselves became billionaires. They got rich from investor money, not because they actually turned a profit. This has made them think they’re geniuses and that their creations are as well.

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Imagine if you got rich without actually bothering to make a profit, you would be pretty high on yourself as well, wouldn’t you? And this is why these two never stop to look in the mirror and realize their own actions are the ones causing all the negative issues on social media. In their minds, they have evolved past that of the average man. Taking ice cube baths and retreats to Myanmar are just ways for them to unlock their next great idea. But that idea will never come because these guys aren’t geniuses at all. That’s why Dorsey is constantly doing all these bizarre things to “unlock his mind”. He doesn’t understand why he’s not coming up with great new ideas everyday.  He believes it must be the everyday things that everyday people do that is holding him back. So if he drops all the silly things you and I do, like eating normally, he will achieve enlightenment. It’s all crazy and it shows Dorsey actually sees his users as beneath him. He wants to ascend above that which he sees as the unwashed masses, and rule over their every thought and idea via his creations.

But in the end, these social media sites and their manipulation is what has caused all these feelings of alienation and violent echo chambers. Before they started all their political and cultural manipulating, social media sites were just goofy hangouts where people shared edgy jokes and videos of people getting hit in the nuts. They weren’t causing any shootings or any violence, in fact they were fun. But then the CEO’s started tinkering with what you could say, what you could see, and whether or not you could be heard. And that’s when things started going south.

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