Why did the far-left media attack the MAGA kids so viciously? Because they know teenagers are increasingly rebelling against SJW culture.

Tyler S. Farley

With the viral story of the MAGA kids still being unpacked by the mainstream media despite the irrefutable proof that the Covington High School kids did nothing wrong, we need to look at one reason the media was so quick to viciously attack these underage boys.

As soon as the video got out, the response by the Progressive media and far-left pundits was nothing less than violent. They demanded the kids be doxxed, there were countless calls for violence from prominent figures on the Progressive left including entertainment figures. The boys were called Nazis. Even the look on the one boy’s face was described as evil when all he was doing was simply smiling to avoid a confrontation with a grown man invading his personal space.

So why was the response so violent and swift against these kids? One reason is because Progressives know they are losing the up-and-coming younger generation. I’m talking about people under 20 years old.

These kids are growing up as a counter-culture to what they see in the media. The reason is because that’s simply what kids do. Kids growing up end up doing mostly the opposite of what the previous generation of kids did growing up. That’s how its been for all of modern culture and that’s exactly how it’s happening now.

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Many younger kids under 20 see SJW culture as weak and not something they want to be a part of. And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Teenagers always want to be rebellious and its been that way throughout time and throughout cultures. So why would teenagers be attracted to an ideology that promotes victim-hood? Why would they be attracted to a group who gets triggered by something as simple as clapping or need “cry rooms” and safe spaces to deal with normal life.

It’s no wonder rebellious teenagers are turning against SJW culture, and the Progressive movement realizes this and that’s one of the reasons they came down so hard on those innocent kids.

Progressives know that the teenagers coming up are not falling for SJW or ultra-PC identity politics and it scares them.

So what do Progressives do to combat this? They do what they try to do to anyone that opposes them these days, they demonize them. It’s no different than how Progressives try to demonize and smear black Trump supporters and Conservatives. And it’s what we saw done to the MAGA kids.

There is no other reason to elicit such a visceral and hateful reaction from the Progressive left other than the fact that they see in those kids a future where modern SJW culture is eventually cast aside like last years fashions. The Progressive left has built their whole identity on SJW ideals, and for them to feel it may go “out of style” fills them with fear, so they lashed out the same way they do when anyone calls their illogical beliefs into question.

For evidence that teenagers are rejecting SJW culture one doesn’t have to look very far.

For example, the largest creator on YouTube is PewDiePie. He often pokes fun at SJW culture to the point where he has been falsely accused of racism by Vox Media and the Wall Street Journal. Vox runs countless stories attacking PewDiePie and it’s because they know his often mocking message against SJW culture is resonating with young people.

The fact is, teenagers watch more YouTube than regular television. So the fact that someone like PewDiePie who makes fun of SJW culture is the most subscribed YouTuber in history speaks volumes as to what teenagers are thinking.

Another example is in the gaming community. Recently a major video game franchise called Battlefield V was released to huge criticism. A large part of that is due to the fact that the publisher of the game forced SJW ideology into what was suppose to be a historically accurate World War 1 game.

Although people of all ages enjoy gaming these days, the hardcore gamers definitely skew younger, so the rejection of a popular franchise like Battlefield due to forced identity politics being injected into the game points to what the younger generation is thinking.

So while the MAGA kids story will start to die down in the next few days, don’t be surprised to see the left attacking other young people who oppose their Progressive ideology. Progressives know their time pushing identity politics for political gain is coming to an end.

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