Regardless of political or social leanings, everyone seems to agree that nothing in our modern culture makes sense anymore.

Tyler S. Farley

If there is one thing everyone seems to agree on it’s that nothing really seems to make sense anymore. Regardless of political affiliation, almost everyone believes we are living in the strangest of times. Often in meme and internet speak, this is referred to as the “timeline”. It seems all of this started about 5 years ago and has been accelerating in the last two years.

It seems everyday we hear about a story or see something that most of us never expected to see in our lifetime, yet we see these things on an almost a daily basis now. Some of the things are just funny, some are scary, but there seems to be an overwhelming feeling among almost all people that something suddenly changed and nothing in the world makes sense, and it all started just a few years ago.

Read any comment section and you will see people talking about this being the craziest timeline ever. But what makes this unique is the feeling seems to cross all age groups and political or social leanings. Everyone may disagree about virtually everything else, but everybody seems to agree that nothing seems real anymore and it all happened in the last few years.

So I was curious to examine what could be the possible cause for this. Causes that range from simple cultural explanations to a few theories that are little more “out there”.

So let’s look at a few possible culprits.

Cultural decline – The people that complained Elvis Presley was too subversive and would lead to a cultural decline and the people today who complain about rap lyrics are both right. Modern culture seems to always be pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable. It starts with maybe a suggestive dance move on stage in the 1950’s and it keeps going until most popular music promotes near constant drug use and degenerate behavior.

To be clear, I am not trying to be the moral police, I am simply stating a fact. And in fact, I don’t think much can be done about this phenomena, it’s simply baked into modern culture and the boundaries will always be pushed as artists and entertainment creators compete for the same audience. One must be shocking to stand out, and the result is that many forms of modern artistic expression like music and movies keep getting more explicit.

Ultimately, a price will have to paid for this and perhaps that’s why a cultural decline is part of the reason nothing makes sense. We all grow up surrounded by such degenerate messages and images, and  although we think those images are normal, deep inside we know it’s not. And people who grow up without proper parenting or parents at all, which is a huge amount of the population now, end up being raised on these degenerate messages and images, so that’s how they act when they grow up. The media becomes their main parent and they have no counter-messaging to put things into perspective. This makes it seem like the “world is going crazy” but people are simply mimicking what they see in the media and in music.

Disinformation – For decades, intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI6, and the Mossad have used disinformation to destabilize third world countries. By inserting propaganda messages into state controlled media and pitting different groups against each other, they destabilize the local culture. Most people in the country are fooled by disinformation, and it makes it seem as though their culture is going crazy as nothing makes sense.

It seems that many of these intelligence agencies are now using these tactics in first world countries, as well as their own countries.

Recently, former CIA director John Brennan was replaced at the CIA and then he took a job at MSNBC where he pushes a very specific political narrative almost daily. There is an old saying that you never quit the CIA, and it’s hard to believe that Brennan is not still highly connected to the CIA having only been replaced a year ago. But here he is on one of the most watched cable news networks pushing out a specific narrative on a daily basis.

This is only one example, but it is pretty clear that state controlled and corporate controlled media is the new reality, at least in America. And just like what was done in third world countries, the same tactics, only more refined are being used in first world countries.

A world too connected – Social media companies like Facebook keep telling us we need to be more “connected”, it’s even part of their slogan. Yet it’s very likely that our brains are not hard wired to be this connected, and doing so has caused us to misunderstand reality. We see small things as huge, and see the big things as trivial. For example, if a white person and a black person get into an argument on a random street corner in a Boston suburb, do we all need to hear about it for the next 24 hours? Of course not, but this is exactly what happens. Small news stories which represent a tiny fraction of the billions of normal interactions that happen everyday are magnified and people are fooled into thinking this type of thing is an epidemic or out of control. They don’t think about the billions of positive and normal human interactions that happened that same day. So all this connected-ness distorts reality and makes us think that trivial things are happening at a much higher rate than they actually are.

Social media dominance – Most people under 40 get all of their news from social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube. And since these sites actively control your “feed” or what you see, the possibility of abuse and deception is high. The people who control your feed may have one version of the world they want you to see, but in reality, you see a totally different world when offline. This causes people to think nothing in the world makes sense anymore. For example, if you follow the trending stories on some social sites, you would think America is on the verge of civil war. But when you step out of your house to go shopping, everyone seems to be getting along just fine for the most part.

So now we move on the next two possible causes. These may seem a little bizarre, but I think they are fun to contemplate if you happen to be into alternative theories.

Large Hadron Collider – The LHC came online in 2008, and its purpose was to create energies larger than mankind has ever created before by smashing particles together at near the speed of light. Nobody really knows what the results will be from creating these energies artificially. But scientists do know that we all exist in the fabric of space time, a type of membrane our entire reality is tied to. This is for the most part settled science. So creating enormous artificial energies could have any number of effects on that reality that we are tied too.

Some of greatest thinkers and physicists of our time believe there are more dimensions to our universe than we can observe. Could the energies created by the LHC have breached these alternate dimensions or universes? What effect would that have on how we view reality or our sense of reality?

In 2012, scientists at the LHC performed the Higgs Boson (often called the God particle) experiment which created a new particle never before detected. What could the results be from artificially creating such a powerful particle?

The bottom line is, nobody knows

Mayan Calendar – The end of the Mayan long count calendar ends in 2012. Some believed this would signify the sudden end of the world, which obviously didn’t happen. But in reality, the calendar marked the end of a 400 year cycle and that a “new” cycle would then start. But the Mayans didn’t continue their calendar after this date.

So while the world might not have suddenly ended on 2012, perhaps it just marked the beginning of a new cycle. A cycle that ends up bringing an end to modern civilization before it is forced to start over again. The Mayans were obsessed with cycles and the fact that they had no calculations after 2012 could mean they felt that a new type of cycle would start then, one they had no information about.

But regardless of what you believe about our current “timeline” there is no denying an overwhelming sense that something is just not right.

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