Be prepared. Global cyberattacks blamed on Russia as “retaliation” for sanctions appear to be the most likely scenario to play out next.

Tyler S. Farley

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine became official, I’m sure most people who follow these events closely are wondering what the next steps are.

Of course, these things are very complex and extremely fluid this early on. As with many current events, we predicted much of this so far and even told our readers that Putin would move right after the Olympics concluded, which is what happened.

For now, the length and severity of the invasion is still unknown. This could build for days and weeks or simply cool off tomorrow and simmer until further invasions are ordered.

Assuming this becomes an extended invasion, sanctions from the U.S. and other western nations can be expected to follow soon after.

Putin and Russia are well aware of this and most likely don’t fret any fallout from these sanctions. They’ve most likely already made preparations for such an event and are in fact expecting it.

However, things in the U.S. and around the world may not be ready. It’s very likely the media will play up how much Biden’s sanctions are hurting Russia, despite it being completely false. They will then claim that Russia is desperate and looking to lash out. This is where cyberattacks will enter the picture.

As we wrote about last year, cyberattacks are a possible candidate for false flag attacks now that covid has lost steam. A perfect way to introduce those would be to initiate a false flag, then simply blame it on Russia and explain it as them lashing out against sanctions.

It will be impossible to know where the cyberattacks are truly coming from. The only ones with access to the data will be the government, so we’ll have to take their word on this even more than we did with covid.

It may very well play out similar to covid though in that government officials will claim one thing, then private researchers will claim something else. Of course, those researchers and experts who contradict the government’s narrative will be shut down and censored,just like with covid until they are ultimately proven right.

So for now, we would advise readers to be aware of possible cyberattacks that will be blamed on Russia, rightly or wrongly. These could be minor or could be large enough to cause huge disruptions.

Make sure to check back here for more updates and predictions as these events unfold so you can be prepared for what’s next.

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