First they labeled the truth as “misinformation”. Then they said misinformation was an act of terrorism. It’s all been a plan to slowly criminalize the truth.

Tyler S. Farley

By now, most people can see what’s going on. However, it was all a carefully orchestrated plan from the start that played out over years.

It started with the establishment blanketing the public with the term “misinformation”. If you can think back to a time before the world turned upside down, you can probably remember that this term was not used all that commonly in the media. Instead, the two sides of a story or topic were generally described as just that, two different points of view.

But that started changing about 5 years ago. Suddenly, there was only one viewpoint, and all others were simply dismissed as “misinformation”. The idea of there being two ways at looking at the same issue suddenly became obsolete. There was only one “truth”, and all other opinions were the result of bad-faith actors pushing misinformation.

Not only that, anyone who believed such “misinformation” was portrayed as gullible and stupid. This was yet another tactic to further the belief that the official narrative is what the “smart” people believe. Any other point of view is what the unsophisticated and uneducated believe.

But then the next step in the plan started to take hold. That was to link this so-called misinformation with criminal acts. First it was to claim that those creating it are foreign enemies. Therefore, anyone promoting such information was participating in a type of attack on America.

Soon, this attack was labeled as terrorism by the DHS. I’m sure you’ve seen the bulletin they put out which we covered here. Essentially, they say that even lone actors (you) spreading so-called misinformation could be a terror threat. In other words, it seems if you promote something that is labeled as misinformation, that puts you in the same category as a terrorist.

That my friends, is how you slowly criminalize the truth and make it unspeakable. First you label the truth as misinformation. Then you claim spreading misinformation is a terrorist act.

And there you have it. The truth is now a crime.

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