Kamala was right! Both 9/11 and January 6th are similar. They were both events where the government is hiding the truth as to what really happened and how much they were involved.

Tyler S. Farley

We’ve attacked Kamala Harris pretty regularly on this site. She’s a terrible leader and an even worse politician, even when considering the very low bar by which politicians are judged.

But she actually made a brilliant comment today, although most likely accidentally.

In an effort to try to save her failing administration and plummeting poll numbers, she waited for the anniversary of the January 6th protests to try to divert attention from Biden’s disastrous first year in office.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, she compared the protest on January 6th to the attacks on 9/11. But without even realizing it, she did make a rather astute observation.

Many parts of the rushed 9/11 Commission Report are still classified. Parts pertaining to Saudi involvement and how much the FBI really knew about the hijackers.

As with most major events in the U.S. where innocent people are harmed, the FBI always seems to somehow be involved with the people doing the harm. Whether it be mass shootings, terrorist attacks, or January 6th, it always seems to end up with the FBI having had some sort of contact with the people committing these acts.

And of course, January 6th was no different. We’ve all heard the bizarre story of Ray Epps, the man who was once named by the FBI as a “most wanted” leader on January 6th.

But once the media started poking around about the true identity of Ray Epps, the FBI dropped him from the most wanted list. They removed all photos of him from their public website, and apparently are no longer interested in him at all.

Seems strange that someone went from most-wanted status to not a suspect at all simply because the media asked if he was secretly working for the FBI.

Of course, there are others. Like the man standing on the large camera scaffolding in countless videos and pictures from January 6th. He yelled orders through a bullhorn to the crowd below. The FBI knows who he is, and they have his identity. Yet, they have shown no interest in arresting him despite him having such a pivotal role on that day.

Was he working for the FBI as well?

Just more questions, the same way 9/11 seems to have more questions than answers.

We’ve never seen security footage from the attack on the Pentagon. Just like we’ve never seen security footage from the Capitol Building. Most likely because they both tell a very different story from the official narrative.

So yes, today Kamala was absolutely right for once. 9/11 and January 6th actually do¬† have a lot in common, but only because it’s yet another major event peddled by the government that’s mostly built on lies.


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