So the reports last year of covid-19 causing heart inflammation in teens were proven false, but now the vaccine causing that same condition is proven true.

Tyler S. Farley

Well, this is definitely becoming one of the those situations where it’s becoming difficult to understand what’s real and what’s fake.

If you remember, not that long ago the mainstream media was abuzz with reports that covid-19 was causing serious heart inflammation, known as myocarditis in young, healthy people in their teens and early 20’s.

Most of the information came from “reports” out of the Penn State athletic community where coaches claimed that 35% of athletes who had caught covid-19 were now suffering from heart inflammation. The stories were on the front page of virtually every news site at the time as it was covered extensively.

But it turns out the whole story was made up and I outlined the event last year in this article. Penn State even had to put out a press release saying there were ZERO cases of their athletes having heart inflammation. Their excuse was that the coaches who made the statements were remembering a different situation. So what exactly caused them to confuse 35% of their athletes having a serious heart condition with ZERO percent?

Of course, as is usually the case, the retraction and admission got far less media coverage than the original false story.

So now fast forward to today and we have the CDC announcing an emergency meeting to discuss heart inflammation in young people and myocarditis. But this time it’s not caused by covid, it’s caused by the vaccine.

So yes, the fake story about covid causing myocarditis has become the TRUE story of the vaccine causing it.

According to the database that tracks vaccine side effects, over 800 patients have had heart inflammation after receiving the vaccine, mostly after the second dose.

The problem is so severe the CDC is holding an emergency meeting next week, all the while states and even President Biden urge young people to keep getting vaccinated.

Not only is this a dangerous mixed message, it’s also more proof that health officials are either clueless and incompetent, or straight up lying to the public.

This complete reversal is almost hard to believe. Something first attributed to covid meant to scare the public which was ultimately proven false is now in fact being caused by the vaccine itself. So is the vaccine more dangerous for young people than covid itself?

I guess for the answer we’ll have to wait to see which direction Dr. Fauci spins this latest news.