What Peter Thiel was really saying – The FBI and CIA know exactly what Google is doing, so why are they letting them get away with it?

Tyler S. Farley

Peter Thiel started a conversation with his remarks that Google needs to be investigated by the CIA and FBI for possibly treasonous activities regarding their involvement with the Chinese government.

Although I applaud Thiel for finally bringing this issue to the forefront, I think many people missed the point of what Thiel was actually trying to say.

He wasn’t really trying to get the CIA or the FBI to look into Google’s ties to the Chinese government and military, the truth is, they’re both already well aware of those connections. The real question Thiel was bringing up is why did they allow it to happen.

This is what Thiel was suggesting. He’s actually suggesting that people in high levels at the CIA and FBI are complicit in working with Google and China. In other words, they’ve sold out just like Google has.

Google has already shown with their actions that they’ve placed their bets on China being the next great super power. Google has abandoned its allegiance to the U.S. and is apparently fully cooperating with China.

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It’s common knowledge that any private company that works with China is also giving its technology to the Chinese military. There is no separation between civilian business and the military in China. It’s often called the Chinese military-civil fusion which is a framework of laws that means all technology in the civilian sector belongs to the military first.

Thiel alluded to this in his comments on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight. He suggested China will either ask for the technology Google develops while in China or it will be stolen, so Google has decided it’s better to get something out of the trade then to outright be robbed and get nothing in return. This is what I mean when I say Google has already placed their bet. They believe in China more than the U.S., and the fact that the FBI and CIA are ignoring this means there is a similar sentiment in those agencies as well.

There is really no other way to interpret Thiel’s meaning. If you do take them at face value, then you must also believe that the CIA and FBI are not aware of Google’s relationship with China, which would be absurd. Their work with China is well documented and virtually household knowledge. There is no way the CIA and FBI are unaware of what is going on.

Some in the business world have suggested that because Thiel is on the board of Facebook, he is simply making these statements to get the regulatory heat off of Facebook and back on Google. But this explanation is a little silly. The FBI, CIA, and other agencies that would investigate either Facebook or Google are so large and have enough resources that they can easily focus on both companies. The FBI alone has 35,000 agents. They can easily focus on two companies at once. So Thiel making accusations against Google won’t take away from any investigations going on with Facebook.

Instead, Thiel was pointing out the fact that one of America’s biggest tech companies have essentially switched sides. The U.S. military, CIA, and FBI are well aware of this switch, and they have done nothing.

It’s this inaction that Thiel is pointing out and his suggestion between the lines of his statements should be very troubling to those still loyal to the United States.

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