Well, that was fast. ATF starts raiding gun companies and changing their own rulings to make legal gun owners criminals.

Tyler S. Farley

It didn’t take long at all for news of Biden’s possible presidency to light a flame under the ATF.

The ATF raided the offices of the popular gun component manufacturer Polymer 80. Polymer 80 produces what are called 80% receivers. These are essentially gun components that hobbyists use to build their own firearms, legally.

For those unaware of the twisted web of rules the ATF uses, the only part of a gun that is registered as a firearm is the lower or receiver. This single component is all that is required to be registered with the government. All other parts can be purchased just like any other item.

An 80% lower means that it is only 80% completed, and the buyer must finish the rest, usually through drilling and other machining processes. When completed, these do not need to be registered unless the owner plans on selling them, then they are held to the same regulations as any other firearm.

Unfinished AR 15 style 80% lower.

An 80% lower can not quickly or easily be made into a functioning gun without a considerable amount of work. So these are not used as some loophole to acquire guns outside of the normal system. It is far faster, easier and cheaper to buy a complete gun via traditional means.

For years and years these 80% lowers have been enjoyed by gun hobbyists. But now, just days after the media has declared Biden as president-elect, the ATF has shown they are no longer happy with their own longstanding rules.

On Thursday of last week the company Polymer 80 was raided by the ATF. The ATF took their customer database along with all their records and invoices. There is at least one unconfirmed report of a Polymer 80 customer being contacted/questioned as a result of the raid.

But mind you, Polymer 80 wasn’t operating as some shady company. They filed for and received permission from the ATF itself to sell their 80% gun parts. They even provide a PDF of the ATF letter allowing them to do so on their website.

But like most things in America these days, the rules can be changed at any moment by the government. Suddenly a law abiding citizen can become a criminal, or worse, criminals are being heralded as heroes for burning down and looting cities.

But that’s not all. The ATF is also looking into changing their previous ruling on AR-15 style pistol braces. A device that allows the rifle to be shot with one hand for those with medical issues or disabilities.

What makes this all very concerning is the timing. The ATF has suddenly activated and taken very drastic action in the last few days. And all of it is coming right after the November election.

It’s impossible to ignore that this signals the new direction the ATF will be taking regarding their firearm rulings, not to mention the overall stance of the federal government.

President Trump warned a Democrat in the White House would be a threat to your second amendment rights, and it looks like he was right. Even though the election is still be contested as we speak by Trump’s legal team, just the chance of Biden becoming president has caused the ATF to start harassing and even arresting legal gun owners.

If you needed any more proof that the end goal is to take away people’s rights to own firearms, you are getting plenty of it now. The ATF is arbitrarily changing its own ruling on what is legal and what is not on the fly, and turning responsible gun owners into criminals with the flick of a pen.