If the election does go to the state legislators, that’s where we all come in. Trump supporters have to put so much pressure on these legislators that they do what’s right, not what’s easy.

Tyler S. Farley

As more and more evidence of widespread voter fraud comes out, it’s starting to look like the possibility of individual state legislators deciding the election is indeed on the table.

With fraudulent ballots in the hundreds of thousands and allegations of corrupt software that changed votes from Democrats to Republicans now being confirmed, it’s a very real possibility that this whole mess will not be untangled before the hard deadline of December 14th. If this happens it means that state legislators will have to choose electors to decide the outcome of the election.

Many pundits have called this the “nuclear option” as it seems like a last resort, but that’s not entirely accurate. Although having state legislators pick electors to carry out the will of the people seems like a last ditch effort, it’s written into the federal election law for this very scenario.

So if the states legislatures do indeed need to choose electors and ignore the current fraudulent vote totals, it’s going to come down to a test of will, and most likely some persuasion from Trump supporters.

You see, just because many of the key states in question have Republican legislatures, it doesn’t make it a slam dunk. These are still politicians, and they will always choose the path of least resistance.

If they can claim their hands were tied and simply give Joe Biden the nod for president, they can all just go back to business as usual. Lining their pockets and fundraising until the next election.

In fact, for many Republican politicians, a Joe Biden presidency is actually beneficial for their own careers in the short term. Republicans generally have easier election battles when the opposite party is in the White House.

But this is where Trump supporters can really make a difference and where their ability to form huge rallies organically will be a secret weapon.

If it comes down to state legislators deciding who to hand over their electoral votes to, Trump supporters need to exert enormous public pressure on these legislators and electors so they make the right choice. Whether it be huge in-person gatherings like the Trump caravans and Million Maga March in DC or some other displays of unwavering support and pressure, these Republican politicians need to see who they’ll have to face if they choose poorly. If this doesn’t happen, they will simply default to the easy choice.

These legislators and their electors must understand there is a 100% chance they will be voted out and never allowed back into the Republican party if they side with the fraudulent vote count and elect Joe Biden.

It must be made clear that for these Republican legislators and electors, there is really no choice. They either do the right thing, or their career in politics ends with their current term, if not before.

It’s very possible this whole election is going to come down to a test of will. If the courts cannot hand down an answer by the legal deadlines, it will come down to individual state legislatures. These Republican politicians must be shown that there are 70 million Trump supporters waiting in the wings should they choose to make the wrong decision.

If this goes to the state legislatures, the massive grass roots support for President Trump can very well decide the fate of the election.

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