Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the media has to make it all about themselves.

Tyler S. Farley

Apparently NBC White House correspondent Peter Alexander got his feelings hurt today, and instead of reporting on the coronavirus task force, he spent the day going on various news programs to talk about himself.

During an exchange at the daily press briefings by the coronavirus task force, Alexander suggested Trump was giving Americans “false hope” simply because he was optimistic that current drug therapies may aid in the fight against the coronavirus. It was a blatant loaded question, one that was dripping with contempt for the president in the way it openly suggested he was lying to the public intentionally.

Trump rightfully pushed back, calling Alexander a terrible reporter, then spending a few moments explaining how inappropriate the question was, saying that it was more sensationalism than actual journalism.

Of course, Trump was right. The task force was taking time out of their round-the-clock schedules to brief the American people and businesses on what exactly is going on and what they are doing. White House reporters like Peter Alexander should be asking questions that reflect the concerns of the American people. Questions about financial relief, government aid, and changes to tax deadlines and requirements during this difficult time. But instead, reporters like Alexander asked a question that no American really cares about in times like this. A question that was an obvious jab at the president and of no other value.

Worse than the question itself, was Alexander’s need to spend the rest of the day talking about how his feelings were hurt and what a victim he was. He had already wasted a chance to ask a question on behalf of the American people desperate for information, and then he squandered the rest of the day by not reporting any news, but instead making the whole briefing about himself. Alexander essentially went on a media tour throughout the day, appearing on MSNBC, CNN, and Tweeting non-stop about his run-in with the president. He just couldn’t help making the whole day about himself.

Almost 20 minutes after the original exchange where Alexander was called out by Trump for his terrible behavior, CNN reporter Kaitlen Collins tried to come to his rescue. This time, while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was answering questions about newly implemented border policies. Collins asked Pompeo if he thought what Trump had just done to Alexander was appropriate. It was a totally ridiculous question at that point, and once again a question nobody in America cared about. Pompeo correctly ignored the question and simply called on someone else. It was the right move, her question didn’t even deserve a response and was an insult to Americans who want information, not more jabs at Trump.

But none of this is new, the media has been trying to portray themselves as victims and a persecuted class simply because Trump has relentlessly called them out for their false reporting and fear mongering.

Sadly, the media will probably just ratchet up their attacks on Trump, even during a global pandemic when Americans want answers and honest journalism. But unfortunately, with CNN and NBC, honest journalism left the building a long time ago.

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