Buttigieg supporters get the shaft. Dropping out a day before super Tuesday is a slap in the face to people who thought he was running a real campaign.

Tyler S. Farley

Remember kids, No Refunds!

To all the loyal Buttigieg supporters out there who donated their hard-earned money, you have my sympathy. It’s not your fault you fell for what was essentially a sham campaign run by an intelligence asset. How could you have known he was an establishment shill all along just pretending to be an outsider? It’s not like he worked for a CIA front company and then worked in Naval Intelligence. It’s not like he tried to hide his past work with Mkinsey & Company after their ties to CIA dirty work became public.

Oh wait, all those warning signs were actually there all along.

But if you had any doubt that Buttigieg wasn’t in the race just to run interference, then all you have to do is look at the timing of when he bowed out. It was barely more than 24 hours before super Tuesday.

It wasn’t as if his campaign was so broke that they couldn’t manage to keep running one more day. No, instead he dropped out so his votes and delegates would go the DNC preferred candidates. Buttigieg’s dropping out a day before super Tuesday was a slap in the face to all his supporters and those who believed he was running an honest and legitimate campaign.

It’s not like Buttigieg was running a struggling campaign, if anything he was surging. Winning Iowa and basically in a dead heat with Sanders in New Hampshire, Buttigieg was solidly in second place. Not only that, historically the candidate that wins Iowa almost always goes on to win the nomination. So Buttigieg had no legitimate reason to suspend his campaign a day before the super Tuesday voting.

His decision also robs his supporters of seeing their candidate try to go the distance. His supporters put their time, money, and energy into seeing how far Buttigieg could go, but he let them down and quit before the big contests even started.

But don’t feel too bad if you’re a Buttigieg supporter for you’re about to have plenty of company when the Bernie Bros get exactly the same treatment. This time it won’t be Bernie who scams his supporters like Buttigieg did. But Bernie’s supporters will share the same enemy as the Buttigieg supporters when it’s all said and done. They both got scammed by the DNC..Again.

The sad part is, most of these supporters won’t even realize it. They’ll tune into MSNBC or CNN and be told that Trump and Russia must have colluded to cause all these shenanigans in the Democratic primaries. And of course, most will fall for this fake news yet again.

So if you see any despondent Buttigieg supporters mindlessly shuffling around the polling places on Tuesday, give them a hand and let them know this is nothing new, it’s just the DNC up to their old tricks again.

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