Why Hunter Biden’s behavior puts Joe Biden at risk.

Tyler S. Farley

Normally, the actions of a politician’s family shouldn’t reflect on the politicians themselves. This is America, and we are not held responsible for the actions of our family if we had nothing to do with those actions.

However, the case of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, is different. Hunter Biden has been heavily involved in international business deals and has had extensive contact with foreign governments. Many of these dealings have been called into question for possible ethical and legal violations.

Combine this with the fact that Hunter Biden has a history of drug abuse issues that impact his judgement, it shows that he may have been easily compromised by foreign intelligence agencies – or could be.

In 2014 Hunter Biden was kicked out of the Naval Reserve for using cocaine. Now, as just reported recently by Breitbart, in 2016 Hunter Biden’s rental car was returned containing what police identified as a crack-cocaine smoking pipe, 2 drivers licenses, an Attorney General badge, and a Secret Service business card.

Of course, Biden has not been found guilty of doing anything illegal in regards to this 2016 incident, but I think it is fair to say he has an ongoing cocaine problem that is effecting his life in a very severe way. Dropping off a rental car with a crack pipe and various forms of identification inside is clearly the result of someone who is not in the right mind set. And that’s exactly the kind of people that intelligence agencies target to exploit.

So here we have evidence that Hunter Biden, who has been doing billion dollar deals in China and the Ukraine with ties to the government in those countries, has had an ongoing cocaine problem since at least 2014.

How easy would it be for Chinese intelligence to have comprised Hunter Biden by introducing him to various state assets who supply him with cocaine?

If Hunter Biden has dropped off a rental car in his name with a crack pipe inside, what other mistakes has he made while under the influence of cocaine or crack while working with the Chinese or Ukraine Government? What has he said? And what could he say in the future if in the same position if his father becomes President?

Whatever the answer is, the fact that it’s a valid question suggests that Hunter Biden’s behavior disqualifies Joe Biden from holding the office of President.

It’s very possible the Chinese already have compromising information on Hunter Biden, information that could easily be used to force Joe Biden to take certain actions as President that benefits the Chinese government in order to protect his son from embarrassment, and possibly prosecution.

So a serious discussion has to be had, and that’s whether or not Hunter Biden’s international dealings along with his long history of drug abuse should prevent Joe Biden from serving as President. Hunter Biden’s behavior clearly places him in a vulnerable position to be exploited by foreign intelligence agencies, and that exploitation could be used to influence Joe Biden if he was ever to be elected as President or hold high office.

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