5 Things Democrats must do if they want their party to be taken seriously again.

Tyler S. Farley

If you watch any of the cable news channels such as CNN or MSNBC, you would get the impression that Progressives and the Democratic party are in lockstep unison and have a solid plan to take back the White House inĀ  2020. But in reality, they’re a party in complete disarray. Even former President Obama lamented about the state of the Democratic party during a recent speech in Germany.

After mentioning himself a record number of times during the speech, Obama decried the emergence of what he called the Progressive “circular firing-squad” where Democrats and Progressives basically attack each other over the slightest deviance from their own far-left ideological principles.

While this idea is nothing new, as Conservatives have been seeing this for years and described it as Progressives “eating their own”, it illustrates how far the Democratic party has fallen in just two short years. Their former leader Barack Obama doesn’t even recognize the party anymore because it has become so dysfunctional and far-left.

So just for the sake that maybe one day we can have a functioning two-party government again, I am going to lay out 5 things the Progressive-left MUST do if they ever want to be taken seriously again. Of course, I don’t see them doing any of these things any time soon, but it’s worth a shot – So let’s get started:

Come up with real policies and how to implement them – This is probably the most meaningful thing that the Progressive far-left must do in order to be taken seriously. As it stands, they basically have no policy platform other than to complain about racism, misogyny, unequal pay, and other issues that they either grossly inflate or simply make up despite obvious contrary evidence.

Even their current rallying issue of global warming falls into this category. Many Progressives are painting global warming as something that can kill us all in a decade or less, yet they have no plan to fight it other than to ban things like air travel, raise taxes, and hope somehow it all gets fixed.

So even on what has become their flagship issue, they really have no plan other than to simply raise taxes and ban certain industries from existing.

Stop with the constant name calling – From calling everyone a racist, or a homophobe, or a Nazi – Progressives need to stop calling everyone who disagrees with them some over-the-top inflammatory name. They may have been able to gain some traction with such underhanded debate tactics at first, but most of America is waking up to this trend, and they don’t like it. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you call everyone a racist or worse. At some point it just becomes a strange variation on the boy who cried wolf.

Admit that there is no white-supremacist or Neo-Nazi uprising in America or around the world. – This tactic has pretty much totally backfired on Progressives recently. Their constant claims of “alt-right” Neo-Nazis being on the rise in America and around the world has now become a meme and a parody of itself.

From calling popular YouTube content creator PewDiepie a leader of white supremacists online to banning the “O.K” hand gesture because they claim it symbolizes “white power”, it all just needs to stop and Progressives need to admit that no such extremist ideology is on the rise in this country. The whole “Nazi” narrative was started by Hillary Clinton and the DNC during her presidential campaign to paint Trump and his supporters as evil. The plan failed and now Progressives need to let it go or they will just continue to embarrass themselves.

Realize that THEY are the extremist party, despite calling everyone else an extremist – The truth is, the far-left Progressive movement has become the most ideologically extremist group in American politics, not Conservatives. From pushing for post-birth abortions to denying basic gender biology, Democrats have become the party of extremism and out-of-control ideology that very few Americans actually support. They have totally lost touch with middle America, as was evident in the 2016 election, and now they are losing touch with moderate Democrats in their own party.

The Democratic party needs to take an honest look in the mirror and realize that despite all their name calling to the contrary, they have become the party full of dangerous extremism.

Admit when you are wrong – Democrats have had a parade of public embarrassments where they were proven dead wrong in the past few months. Of course, there is the entire Russia collusion hoax which will go down as one of the biggest mistakes/scandals in American history. But also smaller incidents, such as Democrats jumping on the students from Covington High School and calling them racists. No matter what it is they get wrong, they never seem to apologize or admit that they were wrong. And that’s something that is holding the party back.

You can trace it back to the 2016 Presidential election. Instead of admitting defeat and conceding that they’ve lost touch with most Americans, they instead double-downed on their previous failed ideas and made their entire platform even less relatable.

But of course, the real question is whether or not Democrats and the far-left Progressives will actually make the changes needed to be a relatable political party again. Sadly, when one looks at the rhetoric of their recent “rising stars” such as Beto O’rourke and AOC, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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