Democrats claim to be the party of women. But they seem to be happy exploiting any woman they can find just to score political points.

Tyler S. Farley

I suppose we are going to have to expect the Democrats to be spending the next week (and probably more) declaring that they are the party for women. But in reality, since the election of Trump, the Democratic party along with their media puppets have exploited any woman they can find to increase their ratings and score political points.

Take the most obvious example of Stormy Daniels and her attorney Micheal Avenatti. Stormy Daniels had to set up a crowd funded legal defense to simply pay Avenatti’s legal fees. So far the fund has raised over $500K and most legal experts agree that pretty much all of that will go to Avenatti if he plans to bill Daniels in the traditional way most clients are charged. All the while, Daniels still needs to strip for money at local gentleman’s clubs.

That all seems like exploitation to me. Avenatti gets to become a celebrity, even teasing the idea of parlaying his new cable news fame into a presidential run, all the while Daniels is left with nothing but a fading stripping career that forces her to dance naked for dollar bills. Seems like Avenatti, the Democratic party, and CNN reaped all the rewards while Daniels was left with the short end of the deal. Not only that, virtually any expense that Avenatti has incurred since taking on Stormy Daniels can be billed to her. Considering he’s been traveling around the country almost non-stop, that bill could be over a million dollars when all is said and done. So it’s very possible most of her own earnings will end up going to Avenatti as well.

And she thought the porn industry was bad? Welcome to the Democratic party, Stormy.

Not only that, Avenatti has teased he has a few accusers he’s representing which he claims were abused by Brett Kavanaugh. So it looks like Avenatti is looking to exploit a few more women, and the cable news networks will be happy to exploit them as well for some easy ratings.

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That brings us to the latest accuser of Brett Kavanaugh, Deborah Ramirez. Her story was so full of holes that The New York Times and The Washington Post both passed on it. But the New Yorker and reporter Ronan Farrow spent days “helping” her to remember the details of an alleged assault.

Any objective person would have told her that her story simply lacks enough facts or evidence to have any effect on the Kavanaugh confirmation and she would be best served by not throwing her name out there with such a weak story. But once again the Democratic anti-Trumpers at the New Yorker and the mainstream news media saw a woman they could exploit. So they ran with the story, a story that will have zero effect on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and a story that is already being discredited by witnesses.

So again, the Democratic party marches Ramirez out to the public with a story they know will never stand up to scrutiny, but they don’t care. They promise her the world and probably told her she would be a hero. But the truth is they just used her to score a few headlines against Republicans and Kavanaugh.

Just another woman used and exploited by the Democratic party.

It is becoming quite obvious that the Democratic party and their puppets in the media will exploit almost any woman out there they can find. And while these woman may get a few moments in the spotlight, and maybe even a few bucks, Democratic leaders like Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren gain much more by drumming up their base of support and donations on the backs of these women.

Sadly, this week we are going to see more women get exploited as Michael Avenatti tries to convince more women to drum up fake stories against Kavanaugh. The women’s reputation will be damaged, Kavanaugh’s reputation will be damaged, and in the end nobody wins. But the Democrats don’t care. Their philosophy and playbook is one of scorched earth. They don’t care if they sow racial animosity or pit men and women against each other, as long as they can score a few political points.

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