Left vs Right politics. The party that loses affiliation with the powerful industries of the day is the one that resorts to representing the people. It’s a classic broken clock scenario.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s an old saying that a broken clock is right twice a day. However, the same can be said for political parties.

Although it’s quite obvious, something that seems to be missed by many people is that the Democrat and Republican parties have essentially swapped roles recently. Democrats are suddenly the pro-industry, pro-corporate, pro-war party. Republicans have suddenly become the party of the working class, and are often anti-corporate power when it comes to the most powerful industries like big tech.

So why this shift? What happened?

It all comes down to the industries that have the most power in America, and what political party they align with.

Decades ago, the energy companies and manufacturing were the power players in America. These industries (and others) mostly aligned with the Republican party. Therefore, for survival, Democrats mostly pandered to the working class by supporting unions and other working class efforts.

But something has shifted since then. Technology is now the most powerful industry in the country, and even the world. These companies often lean left and only hire people with leftist views, so now the most powerful industries line up with Democrats. So just as explained earlier, Republicans are now forced to pander to working class people and working class concerns as they no longer are aligned with powerful industries anymore.

And that’s how you get the complete reversal we’ve seen between the two parties. Where the once anti-establishment Democrat party is now the party of the entrenched establishment. Democrats are suddenly staunchly pro-FBI, yet Democrats used to believe the FBI was a sort of bogeyman just a few decades ago.

You see, representing the people becomes a move of desperation. One where the party has essentially been shunned by powerful industry, and must come crawling back to the people they dismissed. It’s also why one party is generally “correct” at any given time, similar to the broken clock scenario.

The party that is shunned by powerful industry is generally the “correct” party of that era, with “correct” meaning they mostly lean towards representing average people.

Of course, this doesn’t mean one party is perfect at any given time, it’s just that one party is more aligned with the people they represent depending on where they stand with powerful industries of the day.

So despite often hearing people say that a two party system is broken, it actually does work. Of course it’s not perfect, no system will ever be. But one party does align with the people at any given time. But problems can happen when the people don’t realize once a shift has happened, and that’s what’s going on today.

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