The Hangover – People are realizing that every government enacted covid measure just made everything worse. Things would have been better if they just did nothing.

Tyler S. Farley

If you’re anything like me, you can feel it in the air. You can call it a shifting narrative, or even a zeitgeist, but it’s clear that some of the most die-hard covid doomers are now waking up to reality.

And they are indeed “waking up” in the sense that many people, nearly half the population, were in a trance-like state created by propaganda and fear mongering.

I suppose you can’t really blame them. When powerful entities like the mainstream media, big tech, and the CDC conspire to maximize fear, a good number of people are bound to get caught up in it.

But sadly, the result of that is we are all now living in a country much different than we remember it just a few years ago.

Crime is at record highs in almost every city in America. A total of 16 cities broke all-time murder records this past year. Police officials in Los Angeles have told tourists to not even come to the city as the police can no longer guarantee their safety.

Then there’s the economy. Inflation is breaking 40 year records as well with no end in sight. Add to that supply chain issues and growing concerns over empty shelves and it makes for a very ominous outlook.

But that’s where the hangover begins for a lot of these people who were stuck in their covid-trance for the past two years. Despite wearing double-masks and being triple boosted, they still caught covid over the last few months. But not only that, their unvaxxed and unmasked friends caught it as well, and they both had the same experience. It was mild, and they were over it within days.

Not that I would ever want anyone to catch covid, but it looks as though that’s what was needed for these people to realize their fear was misplaced. Like a child who is afraid to go into the pool for the first time, sometimes they just need to find out for themselves it’s not as scary as they think.

So now these people are slowly realizing they were lied to. All the restrictions caused nothing but misery and most likely didn’t save a single life. Everyone at high risk from covid could have just stayed home or isolated anyway even without it being mandated. Everyone could have worn a mask if they wanted to as well, it didn’t have to be mandated. Same with business closures and occupancy rules.

The list just goes on and on. The whole thing was clearly a mistake.

And that’s where we are now. A public once divided between those who weren’t afraid and those who believed those same people were insane for not being afraid. But in a weird way, they’ve reached the same destination just via very different paths.


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