First U.K. and Texas Omicron deaths appear to be fake news. Officials refuse to release details of both cases.

Tyler S. Farley

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, health officials in the U.K. and here in America just couldn’t wait to report on the first death from Omicron.

Despite being extremely mild, and some areas reporting Omicron results in as much as 70% lower hospitalizations, the media and health officials were determined to carry on with their fear mongering.

But the problem is, it seems they had to stretch a little bit to even find a case where someone died from Omicron. It’s even possible that nobody even has yet.

Take the first reported U.K. death. Several prominent doctors with knowledge of the incident said the patient likely died with Omicron, not from Omicron. An important distinction as many cases of Omicron have no symptoms at all.

Not only that, U.K. health officials have still refused to release the full details of that case, which they originally made quite a big deal of. A sign that upon further inspection, the patient most likely died from something else, not Omicron.

Next we have the Texas case. Once again, county health officials are not releasing any more information on this case either. Another red flag that this patient most likely died with Omicron, not from it.

In fact, Harris County officials did initially report the man died with Omicron, not from it. This was later confirmed by a reporter from The Blaze who followed up with health officials.

But the mainstream media left out these important facts in their reporting. Both cases appear to have been asymptomatic patients who died from totally unrelated causes. But the media in both the U.K. and here in America labeled them as the first Omicron deaths. In the Texas case, the media completely ignored the fact that health officials specifically stated the patient died with Omicron, not from it.

As mentioned earlier, if these patients actually died from Omicron, the media would be screaming the details at the top of their lungs. The fact that they are being so hush-hush about any details in both cases is a clear indicator that these cases are most likely not related to Omicron at all.

So if the Omicron surge is causing all these new mandates and shutdowns due to its danger, why do health officials and the media need to invent deaths when none exist?

Seems like a clear case of coordinated fear mongering to me.


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