So a senile, gaffe-prone presidential candidate who thinks he’s running for the senate just pulled off the greatest political comeback ever?

Tyler S. Farley

We should all feel lucky that we got to witness history in the making on Tuesday night. But it’s not the kind of history that the pundits on CNN were going on and on about as the primary numbers were coming in. Instead, it was a much darker historical moment. A moment where everyone witnessed an obviously rigged election process and the mainstream media just pretended it was all business as usual.

The Biden “comeback” is completely unprecedented, almost every pundit and political observer will tell you that. Nobody comes back from terrible performances in Iowa and New Hampshire to suddenly roar back, especially when they’re a damaged and unlikable candidate to begin with like Biden is. A candidate that had problems filling campaign events with more than 30 people and sometimes as few as 10.

Some have argued that this is reminiscent of Reagan’s run in 1980, when he stumbled out of the gate but gained momentum in later state primaries. While this is true on the surface, Biden and Reagan couldn’t be more different as candidates. Reagan was charismatic. Biden on the other hand is suffering from obvious mental decline and is mired in non-stop corruption scandals involving his entire family. So yes, a once-in-a-generation candidate like Reagan can rebound from a misstep, but a senile and shop-worn Biden can’t.

But let’s not mince words. Super Tuesday was a complete farce, the culmination of dirty politics and corruption so overt in nature that it would be hilarious if it wasn’t all so sad. Yet, everyone seems to be playing along as if they were extras on a movie set, just pretending that everything they’re seeing is totally natural despite every piece of evidence making it obvious that this is a total charade.

The only thing that could make this farce reach even higher levels of absurdity would be for the one thing everyone has been quietly expecting for months. And that’s for Hillary Clinton to make her grand entrance in this ongoing scripted production.

Many have speculated that Hillary has not given up on her dreams of occupying the White House one more time, and it was believed that the vice presidential spot would be the perfect vehicle for her 2020 ambitions. Between Biden and Bloomberg nobody was sure who would steal the nomination and put Hillary on the ticket.

But now with the plan to install Biden being exposed for all to see, I wouldn’t expect the DNC to change gears now. They’ve succeeded in overtly stealing the nomination from Sanders yet again, so why would they bother being surreptitious now? A bizarre play is almost what you would expect at this point and a Hillary comeback fits the bill perfectly.

We still don’t know if this is how things will play out. But considering what we witnessed since Sunday, I’m not willing to assume the DNC has abandoned any plans, no matter how bizarre or crazy they may seem. The mainstream media has decided to give them cover for virtually any corrupt scheme they can muster, and Democratic voters seem content to just have it shoved in their face without the slightest whimper of resistance.

So don’t be surprised if Hillary starts coming out of the shadows more and more in the following weeks. Prepping both her image as well as the voters that she plans to con one last time.

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