Just because their first attempt failed, there’s no reason to assume the FBI has given up trying to oust Trump.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s easy to get excited over the latest declassification that points to the fact that the FBI was involved in a plot to remove Trump from office. It offers us all some hope that justice may be served.

Just today Bruce Ohr’s 302 documents were declassified and proved much of what had been speculated by Trump supporters for some time. The FBI and factions in the intelligence community conspired to remove a duly elected President of the United States.

But as our focus is aimed on exposing and prosecuting those responsible, we may have taken our eyes off something even more important. And that is the fact that there is no evidence the FBI or those in the intelligence community have given up on their quest to remove Trump.

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Not one single person in the FBI or the intelligence community has expressed any remorse for what they did. Not one single person in the FBI or intelligence community have proposed steps to make sure this never happens again. Not one single person in the FBI or intelligence community has even admitted that there was severe wrongdoing. So in other words, it’s still just business as usual at the highest levels of the FBI and the intelligence world.

So anyone who thinks the FBI has just given up at this point and everything is back to normal is just kidding themselves. If anything, the FBI is probably doubling their efforts to remove Trump because it achieves two goals. First, they get rid of Trump which they always wanted. But second, if they can get rid of Trump, all the investigations go away and they can then claim how they were the ones unlawfully targeted, not Trump. So as far as getting rid of Trump, the FBI is now more motivated than ever to get the job done.

But how do they plan on going about it? Their narrative of trying to paint Trump as a Russian agent has failed, so that’s off the table. Obstruction is also off the table, which is what they were trying to initially go for anyway. So that leaves the opening for them to try something new.

Recently, the FBI “leaked” a memo that was reported by Yahoo news stating that conspiracy theories are a new domestic terror threat. Along with that, the FBI has been beating the drum that “white nationalism” is also a growing terror threat. So the question is, is this part of their new vector to attack Trump and his supporters?

The media has already started a smear campaign to try to shame anyone who is thinking of supporting Trump. By calling his supporters racists and domestic terrorists, they are trying to convince independent voters that if they dare support Trump, they can expect the same smearing.

All of this has renewed interest in a case that was brought to light in 2017. An undercover FBI operative groomed a young man diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia to carry out a staged right-wing terrorist attack. The whole event and attack was concocted by the FBI and meant to lure the schizophrenic young man to detonate a dummy bomb the undercover FBI operative had supplied.

The case was so troubling in the way it appeared to show the FBI was preying on the mentally ill to convince them to commit acts of terror that even the highly liberal Huffington Post ran stories about the case as you can see here. So even as recently as 2017, the Huffington Post had suspicions that the FBI was manufacturing fake right-wing terrorist.

But as of right now, it’s impossible to know the plan that’s forming to remove Trump, but make no mistake, there is a plan being formed and implemented somewhere in the halls of the FBI.

Nobody in the FBI has acknowledged anything wrong even happened in their agency over the past two years. So if they feel they did nothing wrong, why would they do anything different over the next two years?

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