Corporate elites show their true colors with new Gillette ad.

Tyler S. Farley

As I’m sure you have all heard by now, men’s razor brand Gillette put out a short film shaming men of all types for bad behavior that has in their words “gone on way too long”.

Scene from Gillette’s new ad campaign.

Now I won’t go into the specifics of what is wrong with the video itself and how it portrays most men as bad. That’s not the point of this article. Instead I want to focus on what the video shows us about how the ruling corporate elite want to control us and how they see themselves as the arbiters of morality and the rest of us as something that needs to be controlled.

Small, upstart companies can often successfully create a controversial and divisive ad campaigns to get a boost to their brand awareness. Since they are starting out at near zero, alienating a certain group is an easy trade-off for the free publicity. Not to mention, as the company grows, they can scale back their controversial image and embrace a more mainstream image.

However, a large brand like Gillette should never attempt such a campaign from a strictly business standpoint. They are already an established brand. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose by alienating 50% of their customer base to run a risky ad campaign. In the case of Gillette, which often targets directly to men, it makes even less sense to create an ad campaign blaming men for most of the world’s problems.

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So with that being said, it proves that these companies are so drunk on their own power that they now feel it is their duty to shape the behavior of who they see as the unwashed, savage masses that populate our country. They know it’s bad business, but their hunger to change culture is overwhelming their better judgement.

The ruling corporate elite now see everyone else as mere peasants. Savages who need to be taught basic principles of behavior or else we will all descend into chaos. A notion that is strange since America has done pretty well without the need for faceless corporations to hand down behavioral doctrines the way Moses delivered the Ten Commandments.

There was a time not long ago when corporations completely stayed out of controversial or social topics that were divisive. The reason was because corporations are suppose to make a profit by delivering a good or service. Their job is not to change the world’s social views and behavior unrelated to their products.

When a company pulled its advertising from a television show, it was simply to avoid controversy, not to make a public statement about that show’s content or message. But now, companies pull ads to send a message. To show that they disagree with the message of the show or host.

But Gillette is just the latest example and it shows a shift. America has come to expect this sort of virtue signaling from Silicon Valley companies, such as the way this past Halloween the streaming company Hulu put out a Tweet advising all of their customers on how to dress up for the holiday to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

Once again, this wasn’t just a poorly thought out or worded Tweet. It shows that the people behind these companies feel it is their duty to shape the world in their image and ideology. The Tweet by Hulu wasn’t in any way related to their product. It was them just using their platform and customer base to push their own ideology.

This way of elitist thinking has permeated pretty much all levels of corporate America. Airlines have used their platform to push against gun rights. Credit card and payment processors such as Paypal and Patreon have used their power to limit political speech they disagree with. Facebook and Google deplatform those they disagree with. And now we have the companies behind everyday consumer products like razors addressing cultural and sociological issues they have absolutely no business lecturing anybody about.

Many of these elitists behind these corporate decisions have become complacent. They believe they will always be able to get consumers to buy their products, but we have to show them that’s not true.

Consumers have to push back against this virtue-signaling because it’s much worse than just that. They are trying to use their power to shape culture, and people need to push back.

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