Wild Theory: Zelensky flipped long ago and is now working with Putin.

Tyler S. Farley

If you’ve been following the Russian invasion of Ukraine closely, one thing has become clear – The American establishment is starting to believe their own propaganda despite the facts being completely opposite.

Truth is, Russia is already winning. They’ve achieved most of their objectives already, such as making sure NATO stays away from their borders. Not only that, they’ve shown U.S. sanctions to be mostly useless and now Russian currency is even rebounding and doing better than before the invasion.

But here’s the thing. Ukraine and Zelensky were always meant to be puppets of the U.S., America made this war happen because they wanted it to weaken Putin, eventually leading to him getting ousted from within. But the plan is clearly backfiring. Putin is achieving all his goals while America and Europe appear to be the ones suffering from sanctions.

Gas has hit $6 in major American cities and now Biden himself has warned of food shortages. Europe is being told if they don’t pay for their natural gas in Russian Rubles, they’ll be cut off (which is already starting).

So who exactly are these sanctions hurting the most? From where I stand, it looks like Americans and Europeans are getting the short end here.

All of this has given rise to a theory popping up in certain circles. What if Zelensky has flipped and is simply working with Russia and playing the Americans for fools.

It’s not that far-fetched. It’s even more plausible when you remember that Putin has no problems killing or poisoning his rivals, so Zelensky could have been made to flip long ago with the promise of a cushy lifetime ruler position of whatever territory Russia ends up giving up after the dust settles.

That’s the thing. Zelensky probably knows he stands to live an easier life at the hands of Putin than being friends with America. As Kissinger said, being an enemy of America is dangerous, but being a friend is fatal.

America always hangs their puppet leaders out to dry. One only needs to look back a few months to see what happened in Afghanistan.

Whenever and however the Ukrainian situation pans out, Zelensky was probably always on borrowed time one or the other. When America becomes bored, they’ll simply move and he’ll be hung out to dry like the rest.

For that reason, many are speculating Zelensky flipped and is working with Russia. He’s playing a part in a movie where the ending is already written.

It’s even possible U.S. intelligence is aware of this and has been for some time. But as usual, their arrogance makes them believe they can still pull off regime change even though they’ve been double crossed.

The intelligence business is a strange game. Guys defect and flip all the time, so the CIA doesn’t just change course when one of their assets becomes a double agent. Instead they try to figure out a way to make their whole messy mission somehow work out even better.

Of course, that never happens. All we have to do is look at recent regime change attempts around the world to know they never go as planned. We always end up with a worse guy in charge than we had before.

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