Zelensky is the new Dr. Fauci and biolabs in Ukraine are the new lab-leak theory. It’s all just a rerun.

Tyler S. Farley

This whole thing is starting to feel like one boring rerun. Of course, some readers may not remember what a rerun is since all streaming services now are essentially “reruns” 24/7. The only difference is they tricked people into paying to watch them.

But I digress.

When we look at the Ukraine story, it has all the hallmarks (and warning signs) of the early days of the covid pandemic narrative.

Let’s take a look at all the major plot points.

The Hero

In the early days of the pandemic, the media quickly identified the hero. As you know, this was Dr. Fauci. The fawning over Fauci reached levels of ridiculousness I didn’t know were possible. Not only that, it went on for literally years despite the guy being wrong on almost everything. But the media simply kept pushing him as the savior, and the idiots who follow the mainstream news just lapped it up.

The “Conspiracy”

No modern news coverage is complete without labeling any dissenting opinion as a “conspiracy theory”. So of course, anyone who simply asks a question about the Ukraine coverage is labeled a conspiracy theorist.

What’s so comical about this rerun though is the conspiracy once again is about biolabs creating dangerous pathogens. Are the elites trying to save money on writers? They can’t even come up with a new plot line?

Biolabs in Ukraine are now the new lab-leak conspiracy theory on the origins of covid. And by conspiracy theory, I mean what was first denied by the media and the government is proven true just weeks later.

The Mob Mentality Fueled by The Media

During the pandemic, the population was whipped into a hate-fueled frenzy. At the time the worst people on earth were the “anti-maskers” and “plague rats” who dared to be hesitant about an emergency use vaccine.

Video after video plastered on the news showed how evil these anti-maskers were. Fighting with everybody and being responsible for the pandemic itself.

Now we have that same crazy mob going after Russians. Not Putin, but going after actual normal Russian citizens who have no say in anything Putin does. Not only that, they live under Putin’s rule, which is supposedly what America is fighting for so Ukrainians don’t have to suffer the same fate. But by some twisted logic, punishing Russian citizens is justified even though they already live under Putin.

It’s so bad that Facebook has temporarily lifted their ban on posts that include calls for violence, but just against Russians.

The Virtuous “Sacrifice”

Remember during the early part of the pandemic when they told us we’re all in this together? We were told we need to sacrifice for the greater good. Whether it was to be locked down, have our businesses ruined, or wear a useless cloth mask. It was sold as a temporary sacrifice that proves you’re a good person more concerned with the greater good.

Now with Ukraine it’s the same thing. Celebrities are telling us the skyrocketing gas prices are worth it for having a clear conscience and sticking it to Putin.

Two weeks to stop the spread turned into 2 years, the same way a “minor” jump in gas and inflation will turn into years of even higher gas prices and never-ending war.

Let’s just be honest, we’ve all seen this show before. It’s just a poorly slapped together rerun of the same old tired propaganda tricks. It’s the same players and the same tactics, just with new names and faces to make you think it’s all an original plot.

And just like all reruns, the ending to this one is going to be exactly the same.

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