The term “plant-based food” is just a clever marketing ploy to rebrand “processed food” to sound healthy. Doritos are essentially “plant-based”.

Tyler S. Farley

I’m sure you’ve seen the countless advertisements for various food products being labeled as “plant-based” and therefore good for you.

On the surface, this sort of makes sense. Plants or vegetables are good for you, so something based on plants must be good as well, right?

Well, not exactly.

For example, Doritos or french fries cooked in soybean oil are all technically “plant-based”. Are those foods good for you?

Not really.

But it gets worse. Many meat substitutes are marketed as “plant-based”. But these are actually worse than french fries or other junk foods since the end result is so far removed from the original plant, it might as well be totally lab-produced.

At least french fries sort of look like their original source. A fake burger made from bizarre plant manipulation looks nothing like the original plant ingredients.

What this shows is that the entire plant-based food craze is just a clever rebranding of processed foods, which we know are bad.

The food industry is notorious for this sort of rebranding. Not long ago, they rebranded unhealthy snacks as “low fat” snacks, then claimed they were suddenly healthy even though they just loaded them up with sugar.

In many ways, these low-fat alternatives are worse for you than just eating the original versions. Many experts believe this low-fat craze actually led to the diabetes epidemic we have now as people downed pounds of sugar per year without even knowing it.

So don’t fall for this plant-based rebranding. It’s all just garbage processed foods. If you want plants, go eat a plant. You know, the kind that comes out of the ground.

If your “plant” looks like a pork chop, it’s so far removed from being a plant you are basically just eating out of a test tube.

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