In most countries, state-run propaganda tries to convince you how great the country is. In America, the state-run media tries to convince you how evil the country is. Why is that?

Tyler S. Farley

Why is the media establishment obsessed with painting America as an evil country that was founded on evil principles?

The liberal media has always leaned towards painting America as an “evil empire” country, but in the last few years, it has been cranked up to the point that even American cities are proclaiming the Fourth of July is not worth celebrating anymore.

In a story that went viral, the city of Orlando, Florida put out a Tweet from their official account suggesting that nobody really wants to celebrate the Fourth of July anymore.

In the now deleted statement, the city of Orlando said the following:

“A lot of people probably don’t want to celebrate our nation right now, and we can’t blame them. When there is so much division, hate and unrest, why on earth would you want to have a party celebrating any of it?”

Don’t forget, this was an official statement from the city.

But it showed how in elite circles, people have been convinced by the state-run media that America is an evil country, and basic holidays celebrating America should now be ignored.

But compare that to other countries, places that are far more totalitarian and less free than America. Their state sponsored propaganda does the opposite. Russian or Chinese state media always promotes their respective countries as nearly perfect, and beyond reproach. Any suggestion otherwise is quickly snuffed out. The message on a daily basis is that their country is great and can defeat any obstacle.

So why in America has the state-sponsored propaganda taken the opposite direction? Why, unlike every other form of state-sponsored propaganda around the world, the American media instead portrays America as evil and tells people to hate the country they were born in?

The answer is pretty simple and you probably already know what it is. America is being destroyed from the inside. From billionaires funding big city district attorneys who let violent criminals out of jail to the complete opening of our borders without any oversight, it’s all to create the fall of a once great super power.

Once you can get the people to literally hate their own country, it becomes so much easier to push the victim-identity conflicts that have dominated our culture recently. Suddenly everybody associates with a different group, whether it be LGBTQ, racial groups, ideological groups, and so on. Without a national pride to give all these groups a common identity, you suddenly have an endless supply of factions to fight with each other as the country burns to the ground.

People who come to America from the most corrupt and totalitarian countries in the world still have pride in their home country. Many still fly the flags of their own home country. Yet here in America, the place those people came to, the media and now even major cities tell us to hate our own country.

This Fourth of July was very different, and I’m sure you noticed the shift. Fewer flags, media outlets openly saying the day shouldn’t even be celebrated, and even official city Twitter pages telling residents the holiday should be avoided. All over social media there were posts about not celebrating the holiday, or even protesting the holiday.

It’s all part of the goal to destroy this country from the inside by removing any sense of a common bond between the people. America is too powerful to be destroyed from the outside, and the globalist elite knew this all along. So the goal then became to destroy it from the inside.

This is why the propaganda in this country pushed by the media is so contrary to what is used in other countries. They need you to hate the country, and that’s what they will be doing until the people realize they are being pitted against each other for the benefit of the global elite.

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