Anyone who thinks DeSantis has a chance in 2024 doesn’t realize the gigantic smear-machine the deep state has been building. He won’t even make it to the election if nominated.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s a lot of talk about DeSantis being a possible moderate to swoop in and win the Republican nomination in 2024.

There are actually two problems with this line of thinking. The first is claiming that DeSantis is a moderate, which implies Trump is not.

Trump is a moderate, it’s just the media painted him as far-right and now even Republicans for falling for that propaganda. Trump was and is more moderate than most recent Republican presidents. That’s part of his strength, he’s very pragmatic in his solutions and views on how to fix problems in America.

So the idea that DeSantis is some “moderate” version of Trump just reinforces the media’s propaganda about Trump.

Second, anyone who thinks the 2024 election will simply be about debating the issues of the day has clearly been living under a rock.

Just like Trump was smeared with an insane coordinated attack by the FBI, big tech, and the mainstream media, DeSantis will get the same barrage lobbed at him. But this time, those groups have had 4 more years to build their machine.

People on the right don’t think like Democrats. They believe as long as the truth is on their side, they will win elections. But Democrats plan for the future. They’ve been building all kinds think tanks, NGOs, and platforms so that when the time comes, they can unleash scandal after scandal towards whoever they want, and all of it will be endorsed and corroborated by the FBI, DOJ and other agencies.

DeSantis has no chance against that. Trump is the only one who can survive that onslaught. And most likely, he’s the only one that ever will.

Trump is most likely the Republican’s last shot, and the job may even be too great for him. But at least we know he will give it his all, and if he falls short, nobody else could have even come close.

Just look at how the mainstream media is treating the tease that DeSantis might run. They love it and promote it. That means Democrats have no fear of him, and the only one they fear they can’t beat is Trump.

Bottom line is that the 2024 election will make the 2016 and 2020 election look like a cake walk. If you thought allegations of the president being a sleeper Russian agent were crazy, just wait until you see what they unleash on the 2024 Republican nominee.

For a sneak preview, just look at the farce taking place in Congress over the January 6th protests. Take one look at that tell me there will be a fair election in 2024.

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